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Do you get your down payment back when you sell your house?

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in a way yes. you should sell your home for the market value which is what the home is worth this includes what you paid as a down payment since it lowered the amount that you financed. the only thing that you lose is any closing costs that you must pay plus commissions. you get to keep the difference between what the home is worth and what you still owe.
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Are there any programs that give down payment assistance for a vehicle like they have for buying a house?

There is a program that assists anyone in the country with  borrowing cash for a down payment. There is a great loan product  designed to help people who need extra cash now

If you sell stock for a down payment for a house is it exempt from capital gains tax?

No. What you invested in, or for, which is then used for something else...basically doesn't effect the taxability of that investment. If you had it in a savings account, the i

Can you claim house down payment on tax?

  Absolutely not. You simply took money from the bank and put it in "another" savings place. Basically, only the interest on your mortgage will be a deduction (closing cos

If a house is 200000 with 5 percent down payment What is the loan amount?

The loan amount will be $190,000 and a down payment of $10,000 is  required. To calculate this, find 5% of 200,000, which in an  equation is .05 times 200,000. Then subtract

Can the down payment on a house come out of the home loan if you only have a small amount to put down yourself?

Yes, let's say you have a down payment of 8%. You would take out a mortgage for 80% of the value of the home. You would then take out either a second mortgage or home equity