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Advice has no singular form; the closest is a 'piece of advice'.

Proper usages include:
give advice
give some advice
give a piece of advice
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How to give good advice?

    To give good advice just say what comes to mind. There really is no secret to it. Just let it flow and the advice will either come from past experiences or events.

What advice does the nurse give juilet?

She gives her alot of advice. When the nurse sees Juliet 'sleeping' she gives her the advice to sleep in because Paris (her Husband to be) will keep her up all night... if you

Can you give advice on bipolar?

Many people suffer from depression because of the many things they have to deal with. Not only can you feel pressure to do well in school and study hard from people such as te

What business advice did Harvey give?

leaders should always give two commendations for every criticism, adding that "It is just as important to reinforce the positive . as it is to correct or criticise the less ac

Can you give me advice on a girl?

The best advice that i can give, is that you should be yourself at all times. You cannot uise what you do not have, so don't. If your funny, be funny...if you're shy, then be

What advice does Homer give kavanagh?

I believe that Homer is trying to tell Kavanagh that the people who were fighting over the piece of stony land felt that the fight was very important, even if Kavanagh didn't

What advice will you give the youth who are unemployed?

First find out which jobs you are allowed to do and which employers will hire you for your specific age. Teenagers who are 14 and 15 years old can babysit and do other chores
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What advice does Citizens Advice give on debt?

Citizens' Advice is a charity which provides free counseling for people with issues related to debt, money management, and a plethora of other topics. They assist people with

Can I get paid to give advice?

In essence, yes. Most professions - legal, financial, health etc do  give their customers/patients advice.   In many countries there are also Advice services (private or