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Advice has no singular form; the closest is a 'piece of advice'.

Proper usages include:
give advice
give some advice
give a piece of advice
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How do you give advice?

make sure it good advice not non true advice make sure it true and not fake and be totally honest about it

Give some advice to give thikness to penis?

\nIt is not possible to add thickness to your penis except through Surgery which would be painful and expensive. \n. \nI imagine there is no real need it may just be ego on y

You are bored give you some advice?

Well if you want to NOT be bored go to an online games website or just go outside and play some soccer!

What advice does ino give Odysseus?

Ino tells Odysseus to dive into the ocean and swim to shore, throwing her enchanted scarf which will protect him back into the ocean after he reaches land.

What advice can a nutritionist give you?

What to avoid, what to eat and drink, and how much.

Can you give some advice on girls?

If you wanna impress her, just be yourself. Maybe try to be funny, but dont act stupid. Girls love if you make them laugh. Maybe you can find something in common with her. Do

Can anyone give you some advice on how to be popular?

i agree. iof u really want to be popular then just be youreslf. You'll have a much better chance by doing that the trying to be something your not. :) Well, I don't know
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What kind of advice does iva advice give?

Iva advice gives excellent advice on how to get yourself out of debt. They have trained specialists that can help you understand what you need to understand and what measures
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Give me some advice?

A setback is never a bad experience, just another one of life'slessons. "Do you really want this? If you do then give it your all and giveit all the time." Put your head down