Do you have to be 18 to buy airsoft magazines?

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you do in Texas
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What do magazines do for airsofts?

You fill the magazine with airsoft bb's and put it in the receiver and you have a fully loaded magazine, which makes airsoft seem a bit more realistic than paintball.

How do you fix an airsoft magazine?

How to fix it depends on how it is broken, if the spring is shot get a new one if the body of the clip is broken, you might as well get a new clip.

How do you load an airsoft magazine?

It depends which sort you are talking about. With some, you just put the BB's into the mag through a small slot. With my Black Viper M92, you need to pull down the spring unti

How do airsoft shotgun magazines work?

The ones i have seen are either rectangular clips that load like normal with the bb's wrapping around inside the mag or they have shells tht you use a speed loader (i guess u

Can a airsoft magazine be converted to 223?

No, I hunt frequently and guns are 75% of my life, and i also play airsoft so i know both well, but an airsoft magazine could not be converted to a functioning 223 mag or any