Do you have to be 18 to buy airsoft magazines?

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you do in Texas
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How do you get parents to buy airsoft gun for you?

Opinion . It is assumed that you are under legal age to purchase your own. While this forum is not about Family Relations and or Parenting, a few tips may help in this quest you have. Many Adults will agree that there is a certain age when a youth can be trusted with an air rifle and lay down cer (MORE)

Where can you buy an airsoft gun?

There are no official all airsoft stores I know about in MA but you can easily go to Sports Authority, Bass Pro Shops, Dicks Sporting Goods, and even Walmart to get an airsoft gun in stores but make sure you or the person buying the gun is at leat eighteen.

Where can you buy airsoft guns?

There is a good selection of airsoft guns at for great prices there are better guns at,,,,, and

How do you load the MP5 SD6 airsoft magazine?

I believe this comes with a high cap magazine. there should be a trap door right next to where the bbs would feed through. You would open trap door, fill mag will bbs and there should be a wind on the bottom of the magazine. spin that about 20 - 30 times and you should see the bbs loading up.

Which one does not need a age requirement to buy BB Guns or airsoft Also which one is safer because I saw a Airsoft Desert Eagle that's cheap but I am not 18. I plan on buying it as my first.?

Both BB guns and Airsoft Guns require you be at least 18 to purchase. It is also required you must be 18 to buy BB's. For a starter airsoft gun, you have to ask yourself, Do I wan't to play in wars, or do I just want to shoot? If you want to participate in airsoft wars, I suggest a Classic Army Spor (MORE)

Where can you buy a airsoft gun offline?

Canadian Tire, Wal Mart, Home Hardware. They may be found at WalMart stores. this is my favorite trinity air soft on the web you can also get them at dicks,dunhams,walmart,mc sport, and models if you want to buy online, or can't find the gun you're looking for, airsplat will probably have wha (MORE)

What do magazines do for airsofts?

You fill the magazine with airsoft bb's and put it in the receiver and you have a fully loaded magazine, which makes airsoft seem a bit more realistic than paintball.

How do you fix an airsoft magazine?

How to fix it depends on how it is broken, if the spring is shot get a new one if the body of the clip is broken, you might as well get a new clip.

How does an airsoft wind-up magazine work?

When you wind up the gear the BBs get fed into a chamber which loads them into the gun. You have to wind up the gear until you hear a click click CLICK then it is loaded. You have to do that before you can fire. When you shoot a BB the winding weakens. So whenever you can wind it back up until it do (MORE)

Where can you buy airsoft guns in Ontario?

In burlington , theres a shop called Soldiers of fortune. there fairly low prices but very high in quality. and before you buy anything they will let you test it out and tell you whats good and whats bad about it so they wont scam you. I trust them with my gun and acessories and future gear as well. (MORE)

Were to buy airsoft guns?

Sporting goods stores sell low end guns. All manner of guns are available on online shops. If you talk to airsoft players they usually know people who are selling.

Where can you buy a gungrave airsoft gun?

You can buy Gungrave airsoft guns at many local airsoft andsporting good stores. They offer a full line of products andaccessories like ammunition, air tanks, and safety gear.

Where to buy airsoft guns in Mass?

Their are not any airsoft stores in Massachusetts. (That i know of). But i buy sll my airsoft gund either from the following;; 2 very good sites. CrattleCrie

Where to buy RC airsoft battleships?

well i know there are ways to make a remote control airsoft turret. so if you take an RC boat and put an airsoft turret on it, one person can control the boat, the other the turret

How do you load an airsoft magazine?

It depends which sort you are talking about. With some, you just put the BB's into the mag through a small slot. With my Black Viper M92, you need to pull down the spring until it catches and hold a small knob so the BB's can fall into the mag.

How do airsoft shotgun magazines work?

The ones i have seen are either rectangular clips that load like normal with the bb's wrapping around inside the mag or they have shells tht you use a speed loader (i guess u can use hand but i heard speed loader is alot eaiser i think) that you pus into the shotgun like a real one you would. Hope t (MORE)

Can you buy airsoft guns on Amazon?

Yes. Amazon has a variety of different airsoft guns, from spring guns to aegs (airsoft electric guns) to gas guns. All you have to do is search airsoft guns, or the model of airsoft gun you want in the search bar on the top of the amazon page. I would, however recommend an airsoft only website, like (MORE)

What scope do you buy for airsoft p90?

FN P90 is a CQB (Close Quarter Battle) weapon. The barrel is short (also in the in the airsoft version) so it will not be effective at long range. You don't need scope. You need a red dot sight. Get an Aimpoint M2 (the most common red dot sight for P90), Holosight 551, or reflex sight. Those will su (MORE)

Where can you buy hfc134a airsoft gas?

Well, if you live near an air soft store I'm sure they have it there but other than that you will have to order it online its much more expensive than propane and propane is basically the same as green gas but green gas has silicon oil already in it so you should purchase a propane adapter from this (MORE)

Where can you buy a airsoft revolver in the UK?

Depends on what type of revolver you're looking for. You can buy a spring revolver for £24.99. On the other hand, if you are looking for something a bit more substantial and for serious use you can always buy a gas or co2 version one for £55 or £60 (see related links). It may not be in stoc (MORE)

Where can you buy an airsoft aa-12?

I wanna know too. in a few months, me and a fiend would have completed the worlds first fully automatic aa-12 airsoft gun, the price will be high as they are hand made, around the £600 mark

Where can you buy airsoft guns in the us?

There are many places you can buy airsoft guns in the US. You can buy them online or through a walk-in store. An example of an online store is Airsoft GI. If you live in California you could go into their walk-in store. There website is If you want some more places to go, just goo (MORE)

Where can you buy airsoft guns in Switzerland?

No it is not possible to purchase airsoft in Switzerland, but you may buy them off a website called there you can buy all the guns, equipment, gear and legally delivered to your home

Where to buy a good airsoft silencer?

No silencer is going to actually "silence" your airsoft gun since the sound is coming from the gearbox, not the barrel. But a good place to get a mock silencer would be Airsoft GI and

Where can you buy airsoft equipment?

Depends where you live. In the UK a website called airsoft world sell scopes, sights, magazines and tons of other stuff. In America I'm not really sure. The majority of Airsoft websites sell accesories to go with the guns they sell. If you bought it from a shop then go back to the store and ask. (MORE)

Where can you buy airsoft pistols?

Academy Sports and Outdoors has great selection for spring pistols, but if you're looking for a gas blowback, and has tons

Where can you buy airsoft guns in Serbia?

You can buy the guns from the markets, such as the NajlonPijaca(market) in Novi Sad every Sunday. Or you can buy them whenthere are festivals in the Villages - there is usually someoneselling them.

Why is airsoft for ages 18 and over?

Because in the US 18 is the legal age for being an adult. Seeing as how it would be easy to inflict pain with an airsoft gun, it needs to be regulated and kept out of the hands of younger people who may misuse them.

Where you buy the airsoft guns?

It depends where you live. There might be an airsoft store relatively near you. Stores are good because you can ask a lot of questions and get a gun that is great for you. If there arent any stores near you, start looking on the internet. I'd recommend:,, godfatherair (MORE)

Can a airsoft magazine be converted to 223?

No, I hunt frequently and guns are 75% of my life, and i also play airsoft so i know both well, but an airsoft magazine could not be converted to a functioning 223 mag or any other caliber. It may be possible in custom workshops but it would be expensive and pointless as you could just buy a mag. Ma (MORE)

Where can one buy airsoft guns?

Some brick and mortar stores which sell airsoft guns include Sports Authority and Dicks Sporting Goods. Local hobby stores sell them also. If you prefer, you can also purchase them at sportsauthority's website.

Where can a person buy airsoft rifles?

A person can buy airsoft rifles from an airsoft store, gun store, and a sport store. They are all reflective cheap in every store depending on the model you wish to buy.

Where can you buy an airsoft vest?

Airsoft vests can be purchased from a variety of places. Some military wear outlet stores may stock this item, otherwise Amazon and Ebay sell a variety of styles and colors of airsoft vests.