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Do you have to be 18 to buy lighter fluid?

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Yes. Most places will ask you for I.D. when you purchase lighter fluid.
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Do you have to be 18 in PA to buy a lighter?

If you are purchasing a case lighter; that is, a lighter that must be refilled and is empty, then there is no age requirement. However if you are trying to purchase any lighte

Is it illegal to buy lighter fluid if you are under 18 in California?

  Most likely. The law and "children" is designed to keep hazardous materials out of the hands of children. After 18, it is presumed that you will not do stupid stuff like

Where can you buy Lighter Fluid?

You can buy it at most grocery stores and convenience stores (it will be behind the counter) or any cigar or smoke shop.

Where can I buy zippo lighter fluid?

Most smoke shops, drugstores, and some grocery stores will carry some variety of lighter fluid.  Despite what Zippo tells you, the other brands of lighter fluid (i.e. Ronson)