Do you have to charge your ipod fully or can you just charge it a little bit then charge the rest the next day?

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you dont need to charge your ipod fully but if you dont it has a high chance of dying.

its better for the battery if you charge it fully and then let it die completely.
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Why does your ipod not charge when you have been charging it for days?

if you are plugging it into your cp, it might be blocking your ipod charger usage, or if you plugged it into the wall, then you might have to turn on a light switch to actuall

Your ipod is fully charged but the screen says that it needs power?

The problem is most likely your battery, depending on how long have you had the ipod you could get a new one off guarantee, otherwise you would have to spend about $40 on a ne

How do you know if your iPod Touch is fully charged?

Lightning bolt through the battery on the ipod touch means it is charging, when it is done charging, typicaly about 3-4 hours on AVG, there will be a fork looking thing which

Your iPod is fully charged and wont turn on what do you do?

Its happened to me before to and had me worried but its not the end of the world what you have to do it hold down the menu button and the off button until the silver apple com