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How do you convince a married women for sex?

No matter how much you love her...SHE'S MARRIED! Answer by showing advantages or showing disadvantages. she would deffinately agree for that... Answer DON'T! If (MORE)

How do same-sex couples marry?

Just like anyone else except not all churches marry lesbians so they would just have to look harder The couple has to find a State that recognizes gay marriages and their m (MORE)
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What do you think about sex before your married?

Sex before marriage, is immoral and can only bring you disappointment and heartache. You do not respect yourself or your partner you can't wait until your wedding night. If yo (MORE)
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Is married sex better?

Yes! It is cleaner and safer! If you'd have a child you'd have both parents together and you have less chance of a life threatening STD

Do same-sex couples marry?

Yes, in states and countries where same-sex marriage has been legalized (see related question below). In other places, they form civil unions, civil partnerships or domestic p (MORE)
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Which sex should marry a shemale?

A shemale (the proper name is Hermaphrodite) should marry a girl. A shemale is actually a Man that has been semi-transformed into a woman. This means he has had breast impla (MORE)
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Why do married couples have phone sex?

Some married couples may enjoy phone sex and since they are married, why not go for it? In other situations, phone sex may be the couple's way to stay connected with each othe (MORE)
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How can you impress an married women for sex?

you cast your eyes on forbidden fruit, it looks good. she may stare back.If she smiles but not say anything, she will move away , you may follow comfortable distance , not say (MORE)