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Do you have to have sex when you get married?

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Not always. Some cultures believe sex is only for making babies.
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How do you convince a married women for sex?

No matter how much you love her...SHE'S MARRIED!     by showing advantages or showing disadvantages. she would deffinately agree for that...    Answer DON'T! If a wo

What do you think about sex before your married?

Sex before marriage, is immoral and can only bring you disappointment and heartache. You do not respect yourself or your partner you can't wait until your wedding night. If yo

How can same-sex couples marry?

In some jurisdictions, they can legally marry the same as any other couple. In other jurisdictions, it is not legally possible for them to marry.

Is it okay to have sex before you are married?

    follow your heart and make sure person is drop dead in love with you and will stay with you know matter what happens even if you get pregnant. stick with your gut

If married to a prissoner can we have sex?

Ya and i also think that they watch u so yall dont try anything stupid. =/   It depends upon the rules of the prison and if they can have conjugal visits with privacy. 

Why do married couples have phone sex?

Some married couples may enjoy phone sex and since they are married, why not go for it? In other situations, phone sex may be the couple's way to stay connected with each othe

How can you impress an married women for sex?

you cast your eyes on forbidden fruit, it looks good. she may stare back.If she smiles but not say anything, she will move away , you may follow comfortable distance , not say

Why do same-sex couples marry?

Love . Commitment to Monogamy . Desire to form a family . Desire or need for legal rights of marriage

Should you be married before you have sex?

There are certainly some advantages to getting married before having sex. It reduces your chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease, or an unwanted pregnancy, or emotio
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Why do people have sex before they marry?

Sex is a natural human drive that is very difficult to deny. For a normally healthy person staying sexually celibate in a loving relationship is extremely difficult. Any subst