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Pay back whom? If you receive a settlement for an injury and you have medical bills you have to pay those bills related to the injury and it is a good idea to put any remaining funds leftover into a special account in case you get future bills for that injury. Many people go and buy a house or a car with the settlement money and then later on when they need the money to pay for injury care the money is gone and they are in real trouble. Medical insurance carriers will not pay for injury care when you have received a settlement to pay for that injury care. So be wise.
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If an amount of back child support is owed and the person owing gets a workman's compensation settlement can they be required to pay the back child support with that money?

YesSimple answer is yes. Any money or assets owned by that person, even joint bank accounts, can be attached or have lien placed against it and this does include workers comp.

Do you pay taxes on settlement for lemon law settlement on a car?

I tried to find the answer to this question, too. After asking many friends, and googling for hours, I gave up - couldn't get a definite answer. Can anybody help?   Answ

Do you pay taxes on an EEOC settlement?

I have not researched this question recently and tax law can change. Last time I looked this up, discrimination settlements were a personal injury and as such not taxable inco

Do you have to pay taxes on workers compensation settlements?

Amounts received as workers' compensation for an occupational sickness or injury are exempt from tax if paid under a workers' compensation act or a statute like one.act. The e

Do you have to pay income taxes on workers comp settlement in Georgia?

Amounts you receive as workers' compensation for an occupational sickness or injury are fully exempt from tax if they are paid under a workers' compensation act or a statute i

Do you have to pay taxes on a workmen's compensation settlement?

    TAX OR NO? SEE US       It is my understanding that monies collected in any form which are not specifically exempted from tax status are considered

Taxes do you have to pay on a slip and fall settlement?

Settlements that are paid for a physical injury are not taxed. The  settlement that you receive for a personal injury claim such as  slip and fall cover lost wages, medical

Do you pay tax on a winning settlement in a lawsuit?

  This depends on what the settlement consist of. Any part of the settlement that is reimbursement for medical expenses or pain and suffering is not taxable. If part of th

Do you pay taxes on an auto insurance settlement?

I had a huge settlement from an auto insurance company and it was not taxed. However I believe that was because my attorney negotiated a type of settlement that made it non-ta

Does Medicare pay back pay?

Medicare is a public health insurance program; it does not pay beneficiaries.   [per Medicare.gov]        "Your Initial Enrollment Period starts 3 months b

Do you pay taxes on injury lawsuit settlements?

For the most part, no. It would be too much to factor into the total equation. In other words, making sure the settlement covered the full amount of the injuries-medical, etc-

Do you pay taxes on money from out of court settlement?

The following settlement amounts received by compromise or judgment  must be included in income on tax returns.    Interest on any award.   Compensation for lost w

Back injury settlement?

In order to win a back injury betterment there must be medical  evidence that shows sign of injury. Keep all medical records, costs  of pain medications, and out of pocket e