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Pay back whom? If you receive a settlement for an injury and you have medical bills you have to pay those bills related to the injury and it is a good idea to put any remaining funds leftover into a special account in case you get future bills for that injury. Many people go and buy a house or a car with the settlement money and then later on when they need the money to pay for injury care the money is gone and they are in real trouble. Medical insurance carriers will not pay for injury care when you have received a settlement to pay for that injury care. So be wise.
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Do you have to pay taxes on settlement from lawsuit?

It depends on what the lawsuit payment is for. Generally, if it is paying you for the loss of property, no. If it paying you for the loss earnings (or as a penalty to the one

Do you have to pay taxes on your injury settlement?

It gets a bit complex, and very dependent on how the offical judgment was worded ..in simple form: Payments for replacement of things...like damage/loss to your car or propert

Do you have to pay taxes on a divorce settlement?

That depends on several factors including the nature of the transfer and the nature of the assets that are transferred. You should consult with a tax specialist or attorney wh

I were in a Car wreck a few years back and received settlement money you are not supposed to touch it tell you are 18 but you were wondering if I can get it early to pay for my house?

You would have to petition the courts to release the money from the trust. Sometimes the settlement money is invested in a structured settlement annuity. If that is what happe

Do you have to pay taxes on a vioxx settlement?

Typically you do not have to pay taxes on personal injury settlments. Adding taxes into the equation of a specific settlement amount would be too difficult. For instnace, if

What if you don't pay divorce settlement?

You can be found in contempt of court. Each State, county and evenJudge treats contempt differently. Some may issue a fine, othersmay garnish wages, sign over the property by
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Do you have to pay back health providor after auto settlement?

It depends. Check with your health insurer and ask whether or not their is a subrogation clause in your policy. If there is, then your health insurer will likely want "pay bac

Do you pay taxes on your settlement?

Not on the majority of the settlement, as a settlement is thought of as a complete repayment for injuries suffered. Small areas of the settlement such as punitive fees from th

How do you pay out of court settlement?

Follow the terms of the settlement, which usually includes that the plaintiff be paid. Normally they get paid directly, not through the Court.