Do you have to pay for Android applications?

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Some apps are paid but most are free
57% of apps are free
If you find a app that you like there might be a lite version

Well I did try the paid app and it's cool, I was able to avail the free trial thing! It's Copy10 an android spy app which comes with numerous features which is best in tracking your children's whereabouts or love ones.
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How do you design android application?

To develop an app on android you will need to learn Java Programming Language You can learn Java from thenewboston on YouTube. Then you can go to and l

How do you install application in Android OS?

Just simply go to the Google Play Store (which is an app that waspre-installed on your phone), and find apps that way. Some Androiddevices that have manufacturer overlays (als

How do you get free android application?

Most people download their applications on the Google play Store. However, it is possible to find your applications on 4shared or other shared servers. Note that it is illega
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Of any android spy applications?

Yes, lots of spy application for an android mobile is present on the internet. You just need to search. I used phonesheriff application for controlling my kid's mobile phone.
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What does the Android application SCB Easy do?

The Android application "SCB Easy" allows you to manage your money wherever you go. You can learn more about this mobile application and download it online from Google Play.