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Yes some types of royalties are subject to self employment tax.
Go to the IRS gov web site and use the search box for Publication 525 Taxable and Nontaxable income

Royalties from copyrights, patents, and oil, gas, and mineral properties are taxable as ordinary income.
You generally report royalties in Part I of Schedule E (Form 1040), Supplemental Income and Loss.
However, if you hold an operating oil, gas, or mineral interest or are in business as a self-employed writer, inventor, artist, etc., report your income and expenses on Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ (Form 1040).Copyrights and patents.Royalties from copyrights on literary, musical, or artistic works, and similar property, or from patents on inventions, are amounts paid to you for the right to use your work over a specified period of time. Royalties generally are based on the number of units sold, such as the number of books, tickets to a performance, or machines sold.
Oil, gas, and minerals.Royalty income from oil, gas, and mineral properties is the amount you receive when natural resources are extracted from your property. The royalties are based on units, such as barrels, tons, etc., and are paid to you by a person or company who leases the property from you.Click on the below related link for more information.
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