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Do you have to pay taxes on a divorce settlement?

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That depends on several factors including the nature of the transfer and the nature of the assets that are transferred. You should consult with a tax specialist or attorney who specializes in divorce who can provide a more particular answer regarding all the categories of asset transfers that can be made in a divorce action.
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Is money you had to pay your ex-husband in a divorce settlement in Texas deductible on your federal tax return?

Answer . Funds for divorce settlement are not deductible on your federal tax return. On the other hand, funds for alimony are deductible. Some divorcing spouses are

How much in taxes do you have to pay on a 10000 settlement?

Answer . The amount one pays as income tax depends on their TAXABLE income. It is a percentage of that income. The exact percentage used depends on the level of that incom

Do you pay taxes on settlement for lemon law settlement on a car?

I tried to find the answer to this question, too. After asking many friends, and googling for hours, I gave up - couldn't get a definite answer. Can anybody help?. Answer:

Do you pay tax on a winning settlement?

Generally, a legal settlement or court award is not taxed if it was for personal injury or damages due to an illness. Any interest on the award is taxable and should be report

Do you have to pay taxes on settlement from lawsuit?

It depends on what the lawsuit payment is for. Generally, if it is paying you for the loss of property, no. If it paying you for the loss earnings (or as a penalty to the one

Do you have to pay taxes on your injury settlement?

It gets a bit complex, and very dependent on how the offical judgment was worded ..in simple form: Payments for replacement of things...like damage/loss to your car or propert

Do you have to pay taxes on a vioxx settlement?

Typically you do not have to pay taxes on personal injury settlments. Adding taxes into the equation of a specific settlement amount would be too difficult. For instnace, if

What if you don't pay divorce settlement?

You can be found in contempt of court. Each State, county and evenJudge treats contempt differently. Some may issue a fine, othersmay garnish wages, sign over the property by

Do you have to pay taxes on workers compensation settlements?

Amounts received as workers' compensation for an occupational sickness or injury are exempt from tax if paid under a workers' compensation act or a statute like one.act. The e

Do you pay taxes on your settlement?

Not on the majority of the settlement, as a settlement is thought of as a complete repayment for injuries suffered. Small areas of the settlement such as punitive fees from th

Can your mom give you 100000 cash from a divorce settlement so you can buy a home and pay off debt without paying taxes on it?

No she can't without incurring gift taxes. The way to get around this issue is for her to pay off the home and issue you a new mortgage where by you owe her the money for the