Do you have to use a digital camera printer to print your pictures?

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No, in fact, if your digital camera has a removable memory disk you can bring that to any store which prints photos. They typically have a kiosk where you can view, edit, and select the pictures you wish to print.
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How do you print pictures from digital cameras?

1. To transfer images from your camera to your computer, power down your camera, connect it to your PC via a USB cable, and turn on your camera. If you are working with a Wind

How are pictures on a Digital camera printed?

You will need a USB cable. If you bought your camera brand new check the box. This is a small cable with two connectors at the end. Plug this into the USB port, this is either

Describe one way you oculd get pictures from your digital camera to the printer?

1) Connect the digital camera to your computer using the USB cable that came with it. 2) You will find a new drive letter in My Computer for the memory card your camera is

How can you get a printer to print the picture out right?

First buy a printer with wifi or connectable to a portable device then hook your iPad iPod iPhone etc what ever you want to print then your printer will list your device and o

How do you print a picture without a printer?

If you have no computer printer, the only way of getting a picture you want is to find a suitable example in a book or magazine and get it photocopied. If you want to print di
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What is the best printer for printing pictures?

The best printer for printing pictures is a photo printer. These produce glossier, brighter, and more concises pictures than that of an inkjet or laser printer.
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What are the top printers that print pictures?

There are a lot of good quality picture printers on the market today. PC World and PC Magazine's top two printers are the Epson Picturemate and the Epson Stylus Photo R2000. T
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What companies are known for creating printers for use with digital cameras?

There are quite a number of companies which produce printers that are compatible with various digital cameras. Some printers are compatible with multiple devices and digital
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What is the best type of printer to use for printing pictures?

The best type of printer use for printing pictures is without doubt the dye sublimation printers. This type of printer allows users to print photo-lab quality pictures, direct