Do you hook up hot or cold water to Ge Triton dishwasher?

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Which is heavier cold or hot water?

Water is made of tiny pieces called molecules. Heat makes molecules excited. They jump around and move quickly! They need space to do this. Cold, on the other hand, makes molecules slow down and it can make them nearly stop. They don't need as much room to move around and the space between them shri (MORE)

Why will your dishwasher not fill up with water?

Check these things: -Make sure you have water coming into the dishwasher -Check the float to make sure it isn't stuck Unplug the dishwasher for a while and plug it back in and see if it works. If that doesn't work it might be a timer problem.. Check these things: -Make sure you have wat (MORE)

Can you hook up to a neighbors water?

You would need to ask their permission. However, if you live in a city, there is probably a requirement to have your own hookup, since you would also use the sewer and garbage services.

Can water that's too hot break glass in a dishwasher?

Glass does not typically "break" at any temperature. If you want to be technical, the melting point of glass is 2600-2900 °F, which is much (much) hotter than a dishwasher is capable of. When things are hot, they grow very slightly larger due to their molecular composition. When something is h (MORE)

Why does cold water heat up when hot water is added?

Cold water heats up when warm water is added because of the secondlaw of thermodynamics. Basically, the heat energy of the hot wateris distributed evenly to the colder water, raising its temperatureuntil both are in equilibrium with each other.

Which is heavier hot or cold water?

Neither. Technically hot water is heavier, according to quantum physics and string theory, but for practical purposes, they weigh exactly the same. hot water is less dense.

How do you hook water line from dishwasher to disposal?

To hook a drain line, not a water line, from the dishwasher to the garbage disposer is as follows: \n. there is a connection on the garbage disposer for a dishwasher (on the side) There is a plastic fitting that came with the disposer(if all parts were saved) The fitting is going to look like it ha (MORE)

What is cold weather hook up?

An electric socket on a car park to plug in an electric heating for the motor of your car. The heated motor can than be restarted easily a few hours later even if it's very cold outside.

How do you hook-up power for Kenmore dishwasher 13163?

S/B small Metal cover on front bottom right side. Simply open cover, be it snap off or small screw. Then use existing HARDWIRE (romex) and twis the black existing to the black on diswasher, the white twist to the white, and the green should have a green screw in the same area you opened at bottom ri (MORE)

Is sea water hot or cold?

It depends on the weather and it is usually cold but it seems warm because your body warms it up.

What could be wrong with my GE dishwasher Triton XL when it has power and water to the intake valve but it does not start the water when you hit start?

1) The flood switch has open circuited due to overload or mechanical failure. 2) The solenoid coil has open circuited or the solenoid plunger is stuck in the housing. 3) The wire screen filter in the solenoid assembly is totally clogged with debris. 4) The control circuit board has failed. 5) The is (MORE)

How do you get cold water and hot water?

Water steams up by the weather. water doesn't steam up and go hot in countries like Antarctica and other cold countries. Like with human bodies, in horrendous weather you are cold and in extremely hot weather you are warm. Basically: Water depends on the weather.

Who hooked up with Hot Lips in Mash?

Major Frank Burns and Major Margaret Houlihan were trying to write a report on the antics of the camp, when their passions ran away with them, leading to Houlihan's nickname 'Hot lips', because their 'excursion' was broadcast over the PA system.

In Africa do they have hot and cold water?

Africa is a continent, with many countries in it. Some of the countries have large cities, with very nice houses and apartments which have hot and cold running water and flushing toilets too. There are also slums with no water at all . There are also people away from the cities who live in grass hu (MORE)

Do you have hot and cold water in AFRICA?

well rich and wealthy people in Africa may have hot and cold water others may not. Poor people however probably only have the water they can find which is why some people sponser them they get given frech water

Why would you have hot water coming into your washer when it is supposed to be cold and everything is hooked up correctly?

You have hot water coming in when it is set on cold and also when it is on hot? You have switched the control back and forth? If yes, the fill valve where the hoses connect has to be stuck. It could also be that the Hot & Cold Supplies were plumbed in backwards in the wall. Try switching the hoses (MORE)

When cold water is mixed with hot water the hot air rises up why?

The reason for this is convection, when the temperature rises the liquid (in this case water) expands, causing it to rise above the cold water which is denser due to the lower temperature. So the hot water rises and the cold water sinks, making a convection current.

How do you hook -up a gas hot water heater?

residential? commercial? new ? replacement? if its a new water heater in a new home then the easiest way is to buy copper flex's and a gas flex and make sure you have low pressure gas at your gas stop like around 10 to 14" water column. Make sure you have a cold shut off on your cold water line befo (MORE)

Why can you plunge into hot water but not cold?

Cold slows the rate of metabolic reactions in the body (e.g. pulse, digestion, etc.). When jumping into cold water, the heart rate can slow to a dangerous level while having to pump harder to keep the body warm. The body knows what is dangerous and sends signals to the brain when something could jeo (MORE)

Can you hook up a portable dishwasher to the faucet in the bathroom?

Yes, if you get the proper attachment to hook up the water line from the d/w to the faucet. Don't forget that the d/w emits quite a bit of water. Could create splashing and the drain pipes for the basin might not be able to handle that amount of water if they are plugged up.

Which water is heavies - hot or cold?

Hot water is less dense than cold water. So if you have equal volumes of both, then the cold one is heavier than the hot one. * That's why we build stoves in such a way as to heat the bottom of the pot ... that's where the colder liquid is.

Why is your hot water running cold?

sounds like both upper and lower elements are burned or the thermoststs need to be replaced or you are getting no power to the hot water heater.

Where is the combustion shutoff device on a ge hot water tank?

Not sure what you are asking. The control valve on the front where you set the temperature controls the burner. The thermocouple that sits in the pilot flame let the valve open when heater needs to come on. The temperature sensor is in the tank and is on the back side of the control valve. All of th (MORE)

Why do you have to have hot and cold water?

hot water is going to give us the heat for cooking and things like that and cold is for drinking for cooling down heat and so when we have warm it is mostly like room temperature which is healthy for you to drink when a little cold and warm

You flip the handle up or to the side cold water on the right hot on the left?

It depends, usually there is a switch either going up or side ways, to turn it on for a going up switch flip it up but be careful the water may be hot or cold therefor you adjust it by turning it right or left. With a sideways sink turn it left or right, again be careful water maybe at a dangerous t (MORE)

Is salt water cold or hot?

Salt water exists over a wide range of temperatures; there is no required temperature. It is cold at the poles and warmer at the equator. It can freeze when it is cold enough, and you can boil it on the stove.

Where can one get GE dishwasher parts?

You can buy GE dishwasher parts online at the website called GE Appliance Parts, you can order over 65,000 appliance parts and also accessories from them.

Are Ge hot water heaters good?

I have used GE, Jon Woods , Bradford White and Ruud during the past 10 years and have seen no significant differences in reliability between them. -In fact compared to the tanks of the '70's and 80's, most modern tanks are thin, badly assembled and use cheap components.