Do you inhale or exhale when the gases inside the lungs are pushed out through air passages?

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you exhale!
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What causes your body to inhale and exhale air into your lungs?

I believe that the pressure from the diaphragm causes our lungs inflate, thus we inhale and when the diaphragm deflates, it makes us exhale. -------------------------------

Why should you inhale air through your nose and exhale through your?

You should especially inhale through the nose when it is cold. Cold air damages the fragile linings of the respiratory tract. Blood vessels in the nasal cavity warm inhaled ai

Why are the gases in inhaled air different from exhaled air?

Because the body has used the oxygen in the air to oxidize the nutrients you eat, this process combines the oxygen that you inhaled with carbon which makes up part of the nutr
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What gases are added to inhaled air and then exhale?

When you inhale, you breathe in a mixture of Chloroform and Chlorine (in the scientific world, we call them the "2 Chl's") They are essential for life as we know it. Oxygen is

What Gases inhale and exhale?

We inhale air, which is about 78% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen and 1%Argon. The air usually has some humidity in it so we probablyinhale some water vapor as well. We exhale pretty muc