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Do you loose size after taking creatine?

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What happens when you are done taking creatine?

  you begin to lose muscle weight.........all tht bloated muscle tht u got after taking creatine is mostly water, so when u stop u began to lose water and thus shrink ur m

Can teenagers take creatine?

Teens should not start taking it.The answer is yes, people under 18 can take creatine. But.... Given that it's always best to instill the ethics of getting a benefit from hard

Are there side affects from taking creatine?

  There's no solid evidence that creatine monohydrate has any side effects in healthy individuals. Aside from some anectdotal reports and case studies, taking normal dosag

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Why do you get diarrhea when taking creatine?

Creatine is the most well researched body building supplement or sport supplement available. It has been around for a long time and has been proven to be relatively safe and e

Why is creatine bad to take?

It is not bad for you unless you misuse or abuse the amounts that you are supposed to take. Also make sure you double your water intake.

What can you not take with creatine?

There are no forbidden foods when you supplement with creatine. However, creatine may not suit you, or it may fail to benefit you. For best results, follow the directions on t