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Do you lose your husbands pension if you remarry?

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What happens if you are receiving a widows pension when your husband passes away, and then you remarry please advise, as my state pension was insufficient as I paid a reduced stamp for part of my working life, my husband passed away 6 years ago please advise thank you
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Divorced after a marriage of 32 yrs your husband has remarried need to know how can you get survivor benefits from your husband's pension since yours was a Lifetime marriage?

This should have been in your divorce decree, if it was a pension from the company he works for. However, the pension rules may not allow it to continue to a divorced spouse,

Can a women remarry her x husband?

Yes, there are many individuals who remarry after being divorced. Hopefully, if you decide to do this, you will both make it work. Best wishes!! how they can remarry on whic

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If you are talking about " Selena Quintanilla-Pérez " husband then: Yes he did!!!! His name is " Chris Pérez ." He married: Vanessa Villanueva (? - present) and th

Are you entitled to your ex husbands pension if he remarry?

Like most legal questions the answer is maybe. You don't say thestate and in some state you might not. In most states if thepension was divided by a court order called a quali

Did Selena quintanillas husband remarry?

well actually he didn't after Selena died he still never remarried another woman he loved selena. he did got remarried to another woman named vanessa villanueva and had tw

Will an ex-wife lose benefits from her ex-husband if she remarries?

Yes, and in a growing number of states, when she just lives with the man. it depends. if this is military. and the court awards you retirement pension you will receive this f

If I remarry do I still receive my ex's pension?

Like most legal questions the answer is maybe . You don't say the state and in some state you might not. In most states if the pension was divided by a court order called a q

Will I lose my widow's pension if I remarry in Indiana?

What, exactly, is meant by "widow's pension?" Without further information that is impossible to answer. It all depends on the provisions of the particular pension plan or syst