Do you need 2 Visas to travel from Malaysia to the Bahamas and to Orlando Florida?

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A Bahamas Tourist Visa is not needed for a citizen of Malaysia for a stay of up to 90 days.
You will need a US Visa for travel to Orlando, Florida. You may also need a Transit Visa for any of your connecting flights.

If you have a passport you will have to go through the process of gaining entry through immigration via your route of travel. Each country you travel outside of you home country will require a visitor or tourist visa.
For example, I am in America and let's say I was to travel to Japan and then to Italy staying in each country for a week. In order for me to even board a plane on an international flight I would need a passport ahead of time to travel outside of America. Once I have that and land in Japan I would seek a tourist visa from Japan's office or department of visitors or whatever they technically called theirs and apply for it. Fast forward a week and back at the airport to board my flight to Italy, I need to present my American passport to prove I can travel internationally so off I go to Italy. The same process or near the same will happen once I onboard the plane in Italy. In the end with this example my passport would have two stamps within the pages of my passports and that is valid as being admitted to visit and touri those countries.
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Do you need a passport traveling from Florida to the Bahamas by boat?

Answer . If you are a US citizen (this does not apply to permanent residents) you do not need a passport to cruise from the US to the Bahamas until some time in Summer 2008