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Do you need a Pennsylvania driver's license to get Pennsylvania auto insurance?

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no you jsut need to be incognito everybody knows that>.> Answer noo you dont njsut need to be incognito
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How old do you have to be to apply for a Pennsylvania driver's license?

  You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a PA state learner's permit. In order to apply for your regular driver's license, you must hold your permit for at least 6

Do you need auto insurance as soon as you get your driver's license?

Answer . Yes, If you plan to drive with your new drivers license, this is after all the reason most people get a license. All Drivers are required to carry verifiable Fina

Do you need a license to babysit in Pennsylvania?

Answer . There are no licenses required to babysit in any state. You do need a license to run a child care facility.

Is auto insurance required in Pennsylvania?

Answer . All drivers must maintain Financial Responsibility when operating a vehicle on public roads regradless of your state of residence.

What license is needed to sell dental insurance in Pennsylvania?

You would need to become a licensed insurance agent through the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, dental insurance specifically falls under the category of "health insuran

Can you get a Pennsylvania driver's license if your New York driver's license has been suspended?

the Pennsylvania dmv will ask if you've had a license in any other state. and if it is currently suspended or revoked. you can lie and see if anything pops up in the computer.

Do you need auto insurance if you have a car but no driver's license?

Unlicensed Drivers and Auto Insurance Yes, All drivers of a motor vehicle on Public Roads are required to carry your states minimum liability coverage. There is "No Exception"