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Do you need a cmos battery for your computer to boot?

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Most new computers can automatically determine the correct settings needed for your hardware, and some even store configuration data in a non-volatile Flash chip. These computers effectively do not need a CMOS battery for anything except maintaining the correct time.

Older computers, where you had to specify the parameters for the hard drive in the BIOS, need a CMOS battery. Otherwise, you would have to enter them in every time you booted the computer.
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Why does a computer need CMOS?

because its easier to change the setup values I am assuming you mean the CMOS battery. If this is the case the answer is no you do not need a CMOS in the basic sense of what i

Why does a computer needs cmos?

To tell the time. Time is very important for computers - programs have to be run in order, and should take a certain amount of time to complete. Imagine you lived in space, s

Will system boot up normally to operating system level if CMOS battery is dead?

  CMOS holds many of the boot parameters, such as what type and size of hard disk, the type and speed of the processor and other critical information. Many times the compu

How does CMOS battery works in personal computer?

  All AT computers (80286 processor) or later require a small battery on the system board that provides power to the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) chip, e

What is the meaning of cmos in cmos battery?

Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. The CMOS is where the basic modifiable settings of the computer (BIOS, Basic Input-Output System) (Date, time, memory) are stored. The

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Why does a computer turn on if the CMOS battery is removed?

Removing the CMOS battery will not prevent the computer from  turning on, it will only cause the information in the CMOS RAM to  be lost (while the computer is turned off).