Do you need a sewage or grinder pump?

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Depending on what. Mostly is a sewage
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What is a sewage grinder pump?

Answer . There is a pump in your gray tank or lift station that grinds up all the solids in the tank. There are 2 types - metal impeller and plastic impeller. Metal will l

Why does your sump pump smell like sewage?

Because there may be sewage in it, or worse. Call a plumber. Floor drains and washing machine drains are often drained into sumps. Grey water from these sources will beg

How long do sewage grinder pumps last?

Completely depends on the size and application. The volume of debris required to grind and the materials it's comprised of will wear the grinder teeth and impeller. I would

Why does sewage need to be treated?

Pathogens or disease-causing organisms are present in sewage. These need to be got rid of before the sewage can be released back into the environment. The goal is to reduce or

Can a tampon be flushed and go through a sewage grinder?

Tampons should never be flushed. Many tampon companies claim their tampons can be flushed to makethem seem more convenient - as they are self-regulated they canmake these cla
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What is that white goo that caused problems in a grinder pump?

The white goo or waxy substance that caused problems in your grinder can be a deposits of different chemical left by various solutions that you used over a period of time. You
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Where can one purchase a grinder pump?

One can purchase a grinder pump from a number of local stores and online stores. Amazon, Plumbing Supply and eone sewer system are few examples of online stores where one can