Do you need a special tv to play blu ray dvds?

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Yes & No, you might be thinking well whats he going on about well, some blu-ray players do not have scrart connection that means will not connect to any of the old TV. You might be thinking well how do i nkow, well its relly simple just look at your TV and if it has HD ready on it, its says something like that in the booklet or you knowknow then all blu - ray players will give HD pitcher on a HD TV.

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Do you need a digital tv for Blu-ray?

No you don't. But if you are connecting it to view the HD picture and enhanced sound you should be connecting it to an HD TV. There are a couple of connection choices here. Use either the component video (red/green/blue RCA connectors with the stereo - left and right (red and white RCA audio connect (MORE)

Do you have to play a Blu-Ray DVD on a Blu-Ray player?

All Blu-Ray players feature backward compatibility with DVD's,which means that you can play a standard DVD in a Blu-Ray player. However, the reverse is not true. You cannot play a Blu-ray disc ina standard DVD player.

If a playstation 3 can play Blu-ray dics and also DVD what is the need for going in for a high end Blu-ray disc player?

It's true that a PS3 can play Blu-Ray discs just like a regular Blu-Ray player. While there is no specific need for a separate Blu-Ray player, some people might want a separate player so that they will not put unnecessary wear and tear on their PS3 gaming system.. Sometimes you have to purchase the (MORE)

Can Blu-ray dvds be played on non-Blu-ray DVD players or do you need a Blu-ray DVD player?

The answer to this is no. Blu-ray may only be played by Blu-ray players due to the fact that Blu-ray DVDs were made with blue and violet rays, hence the name blu-ray, and can only read using those Blue and rays. Absolutely. All discs of every type can be read on all disc reading machines. In a short (MORE)

Will a blu ray play DVD?

Mostly, blu ray players are complitable with dvd , so you could player dvd with a blu ray player.

What kind of tv do you need to play Blu-ray disc?

hello, you don't need any certain type of T.V's you just need a play station 3 or blu ray disc player. you will find a playstation 3 cheaper its about $155 but a blu ray disc player is much more. see yah!!!

Can you play Blu-ray DVD in a HD DVD player?

Sorry, but no. Not unless the HD-DVD player has a Blu-Ray logo on it. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are different competing formats, like VHS and Betamax. Unfortunately, it looks like the HD-DVD format is going the way of Betamax -- WalMart recently announced that they will no longer carry HD-DVD.

Do HD DVDs play on a DVD and Blu-ray player?

no. high definition (HD) DVDs are not playable on regular or blue ray DVD players, due to the fact that HD DVDs are designed differently. therefore, they need to be played on a HD DVD compatible player. however, there are some brands of HD DVD players that will allow standard DVDs to be played, whic (MORE)

Can a Blu-ray disc play on a High-Definition TV?

Yes it can and needs an HD television to be seen in the best quality. A Bluray player will also work with standard definition televisions using the analog outputs they usually have. The content will only be seen in standard definition of corurse.

Can a blu-ray DVD be played on an HD DVD player?

There have been just one or two high definition DVD players capable of playing HD DVD and Bluray discs. If you have one, it will make it very obvious on the front panel that it will play both. It is unlikely that you own one of these, so the HD DVD player in question almost certainly plays HD DVDs a (MORE)

Can you play DVDs on your Blu-ray Player?

You can watch your dvd in your blu-ray player, but you can't watch blu-ray in your dvd player... sent by Macymouse Yes they can, they convert it to HD on the screen

Can you connect Blu-ray DVD player to normal tv?

Yes. Blu-Ray players will only operate with a standard definition television using the analog outputs on the player. The outputs are standard definition of course, so the HD quality of the BluRay disc won't be seen.

Is a digital tv better to play blu ray dvds through?

Digital TV is certainly better for watching a Bluray disc for one very simple reason. Bluray players normally have two types of output, one is HDMI (the digital output) and the other will be component or composite (the analog outputs). For a variety of reasons, the high definition signal is only a (MORE)

Why will Blu-ray player play DVD but not blu-ray?

It sounds like your player may be having some issues. Try these steps to fix it: 1. Unplug your Blu-ray player for 5 minutes, then plug it back in and try again. 2. Call the manufacturer of the player to ensure you have the latest updates. 3. Call the manufacturer of the player for service.

Ps3 will play DVD but not Blu-ray?

PlayStation 3 will Play Blu Ray discs, it will also upgrade the DVDs to 1080p and play the DVDs with much better quality than a player that does not have the upgrade capability. I no longer use my DVD player to play any of the DVDs and only use the PlayStation 3 to play everything. I use my computer (MORE)

How do you connect a Blu-ray DVD to an HD tv?

Type your answer here... It should be nothing more than hooking up the HDMI cable from the HD tv to the DVD player.This cable delivers the video and the audio simultaneously.If it is an older DVD player like mine, I hooked up the video using a component cable which has three connections on each e (MORE)

Can you play a Blu-ray player on a regular tv?

Yes you can. Virtually all Bluray players have an analog output which is standard definition. This can be connected to the video input of any television and you will see a standard definition image from a Bluray disc. The quality won't be as good as is on the disc of course but at least the disc wil (MORE)

Will a Blu-ray DVD player play on an old tv set?

Most Blueray players have an analog output that delivers standard definition signals. If a high definition disc is played, the output will normally provide an SD version of the content. Using the analog output means that it is possible to use Blueray players on SD televisions. When an HD television (MORE)

Can iPad play Blu-ray DVD?

iPad does not support HD so Bluray cannot be played directly. There are methods for converting HD data to a resolution and bit rate that iPad will support but a conversion is required for each disc.

Can a Blu-ray DVD player be operated on a tv that is not HD?

Almost all Bluray players have an anlog output as well as an HD HDMI output. The analog output will be composite, S-video or component and will output a standard definition signal. The SD signal should connect to any television, SD or HD. Remember that the signal will be in standard definition. The (MORE)

How can you play a Blu-ray DVD on computer?

There is no such thing as a Blu-ray DVD, they are exclusive video technologies. It would be like saying why can't my toaster teapot boil water? As to why your computer cannot read blu-ray discs, it is because it doesn't have a blu-ray reader installed. The same reason your old CD-ROM drive couldn (MORE)

Does it matter how many pixels tv has to play Blu-ray?

No, it doesn't. If the television has an HDMI input, it will handle HD signals and display them at the television's native resolution. For the best quality, the television will be a 1080 line resolution. If the television is a standard definition model, then it will need to use analog connections f (MORE)

Can you play Blu-ray dvds on a wii?

No, the Wii doesn't have a Blu-Ray drive built in and only outputs standard definition video. The PS3 is the only games console at present that will play BluRay discs.

Can you play DVD on a Blu-ray player?

Yes, you can. Generally, Blu-rayPLayer could support DVD, BUT Dvd player couldn't support Blu-rayPlayer. Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player which is a good example.

Does your DVD player play Blu-ray?

No. Blu-Ray discs will only work in a Blu-Ray player. But DVDs can play in a Blu-Ray player. Blu-Rays are far more advanced in technology than DVDs and DVD players don't have the right type of laser to read Blu-Rays.

Can you play Blu-ray DVDs on a digital DVD recorder?

No. It has to be a blueray machine. Blueray machines are backward compatible, you can play standard DVDs and CDs. They are not forward compatible. The laser used in blueray machines, is significantly different. Normal DVD machines cannot see the blueray disk.

Why will Blu ray player play DVD but not blu ray?

It is quite likely that the Bluray player is faulty. A badly aligned laser may still be able to read the larger DVD tracks but not the much finer tracks on a Bluray disc. Try some different Bluray discs. If none of them work, it might be time to get the player repaired or replaced.

Can Blu-ray be played on older TVs?

HD televisions with an HDMI connections are required in order to view the content in HD. Bluray players have analog outputs that can be connected to older, non HD televisions.