Do you need a visa to be a actress?

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Yes definitely but it depend on polices of concerning countries.
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Do Romanian citizens need a visa?

Romania is part of the European Union, so Romanian travelersgenerally do not require a visa for traveling to other membernations. Outside of the European Union, visa requireme

When do you need a visa?

A visa is essentially 'permission' to enter a country. If you are traveling to a foreign country, you need a passport, which identifies you to the foreign country, and a visa,

What countries do you need a visa for travel?

All the countries in the world needs visa to travel! But there are exceptions for some countries like ASEAN Countries (Association of South East Asian Nations) like Singapore,

Do your child need a visa?

It is impossible to answer to your question. Every country have different regulations about immigration.

Need visa to Montenegro?

Well it depends where you are from, doesn't it? Generally most EU citizens don't need a visa to visit Montenegro. No idea about other countries though.

Is visa needed to travel to turkey?

Depends on how long you are planning to stay there --- for most visits, 30-90 days you can purchase a Visa at customs in the airport. However, for longer stays I do believe yo

Do you need a visa to travel Brazil?

Yes you must have a Valid visa to go to Brazil. Depending on whereyou live,is which consulate you will have to apply at. EachBrazilian consulate process Brazil visas by jurisd

Do you need Swiss visa if you have a Schengen visa?

If you have a Schengen Visa, you do not need a Visa to enter Switzerland. But, just make sure that you have this written "Schengen Estate" on the visa. It means that all Schen

Do you need France visa if you have UK visa?

no This varies based on what country issued your Passport. US passports get a free tourist visa as they enter France Canadian passports pay a small fee for the same Visa. Ot