Do you need insurance on a jet ski?

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besides motor-less transportation... if you can drive it... you need one!
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Do you need to have a jet ski licence to drive one?

Yes, you do need a license to drive a jet ski, unless you are over a certain age, which varies from state to state. In one state, for example, anyone born before 1982 doesn't

Do you need a license to ride a jet ski?

yes . Answer This depends upon the laws in your state or in the state in which you are using the jet ski..Some states require a valid drivers license others do not. General

What do you need to ride the jet ski on Big Nate island?

You need the keys from Cap'n Salty and you have to look through the telescope to see where you are going. You have to recover Cap'n Salty's lost lobster trap at Puffin Poin
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Do you need a title to sell a jet ski?

yes because it is in the system a the dmv just like cars. or you can go to dmv if u dont have one a pay some fees and have a new title mailed to you.