Do you need insurance on a moped?

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no mopeds do not need insurance
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Do mopeds need pedals?

To be street legal, yes. Well, that's only in my state which is NJ. You'll have to look up your states moped rules.

Do you need a license to ride a moped?

Depends on your state MVB laws and engine size in NY you need to be registered (Plates) and have liability insurance, In CT if under 49cc only the operator must have a drivers

Do you need vehicle insurance to drive a scooter or moped on the street?

any scooter or moped that is over 50cc requires insurance. if it is under 50cc, it is recommended by some that you get insurance but that would be a waste and is not necessary

Do you need insurence for a moped?

Requirements for licensing, registration, and insurance are different from state to state, and also depend on other factors. In South Carolina, you don't need insurance for an

Do you need petals on moped?

Yes, otherwise it isn't actually a moped(motor pedals), though the western world mixed it up, a moped a is a two wheel vehicle that has pedals but has an engine on it to prope

Do you need a license for a 49cc moped?

In many states the answer is no. Some states require that you have a valid driving license. You may also need to wear a helmet and eye protection. You will need to check with

Is your moped attached to your auto insurance?

No. A moped cannot be written on an auto insurance policy. It would have to have a seperate motorcycle policy in order to be covered. Usually, but not always, companies that w

Do you require insurance for a moped?

If the moped is power driven, you obviously require insurancepolicy for the same. Further, whether the moped plys in private orpublic road is also a factor. In the later case

Do you need to register and insure a 49cc moped in pa?

If it's gong to be driven on roads and highways, you can be sure that you will have to register the moped and buy insurance on it as well. Why would you not? It uses the roads