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Section Aid??!! Are you talking about Section 8? If you can afford to rent an apartment (your rent, electricity and other utilities essential for the apartment should be no more than 30 percent of your income), then you don't need Section 8, otherwise yes. Section 8 isn't required normally to rent an apartment, and the reality is that most people who rent an apartment don't meet the affordability test yet they still rent it.
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How can you obtain a list of apartments in Miami aproved by section 8?

  Answer     Contact Your local Housing Authority:   MIAMI BEACH   Miami Beach Housing Authority   200 Alton Rd   Miami Beach, Fl 33139   Phone: 30

What does a house need to have to be on section 8?

There is no such thing as renting to section 8. What you want to do  is accept section 8 vouchers.   To be able to accept section 8 vouchers your rental unit must meet 

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Is there a list of Section 8 apartments in Las Vegas?

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What are the requirements to live in section 8 apartments?

In order to live in section 8 housing, a person must make a substantially low amount of income. There are different sections of section 8 housing including: extremely low inco