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Do you need sex?

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No, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. Boys love to use that line as if they will die without it! Trust me, they will say anything!

Physically, yeah it's fun. Practically, there are other ways to cope with abstinence. Masturbation, for instance, is an excellent tool to keep you from losing your mind in a sex-free life.
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Why you need sex?

You don't actually need it but it is always nice to have it to release the tension. Especially with a partner who you cherish. If you just want to get laid or be laid there ar

All you need to know about sex?

Well, first you need to make sure you have protection if you want it. Then when your ready, for the girls make sure that your vagina smells good just incas he wants to Put his

If you need to have sex what can you do?

Well... That depends on several different things! First of all, you don't "need" to have sex. It's a strong desire, but not a "need". Saying that you "need" it suggets you hav

Have many times a week do you need sex to stay young?

  :D Sex doesn't really make you stay young, it may help you feel younger but has no real affect on your age. How much sex you have depends on you and your partner persona

Why sex is a need?

Because it is a deep most sensual and transcendent feeling shared and expressed between 2 human beings and /or lovers. a bridal expressions of love , for 1 another.

Does everyone need sex?

Sex is not a necessity for individuals; it is only essential for species as a way for them to continue surviving. Most people desire sex, because of hormones which cause these
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What do you need to do in sex?

You first need to be married to the opposite sex and love each other enough to respect each others differences and want to create and nourish a new person or baby in 9 months