Do you need to disconnect your credit card to jailbreak your iPod touch?

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Can you jailbreak iPod touch from an iPod?

Yes you can. Just go on safari and on top right type in jailbreakme. Then scroll down to jailbreakMe 3.0 OR jailbreakMe 2.0. (This might not work but try.) COMPLETELY RISK FRE

How do you jailbreak iPod Touch with 3.1.3?

If you go to your Settings app, then click General, then click About, and in Version it says 3.1.3, then you have to downgrade your iPod. Go to the website and c

Is jailbreaking a iPod Touch ilegal?

No just like the xbox live if they catch it they may block it. but jail breaking is not illegal, its your ipod you may do what you like to it!
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How do you download jailbreak to iPod touch?

Ot isn't easy to do... I would recommend talking to someone that knows how to do it. It isn't a download I've heard it involves two or three sites to jail break and you will n
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What is jailbreaking your ipod touch do to it?

It uses an exploit in the ipods security system to install cydia. That's pretty much it. It ranges from pdf exploits to system exploits, but its perfectally safe, and its not