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You need to be able to qualify for the loan. This almost always includes a disposable income sufficient to make the payments. You might qualify if you have no income, but have asset that are easily converted to cash, like stocks or cash-value life insurance, which the lender would accept as collateral.
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Do you need your cosigner to sign when you refinance?

If you need a cosigner they must sign because a co-signer is a person who accepts responsibility for repayment of a loan, credit card or other debt along with the original bor

Does a cosigner need good credit?

Answer . \nA cosigner is only needed because the primary doesn't have adequate credit rating/history for the needed loan. \n. \nHence, the cosigner needs to have credit g

Do you always need a cosigner?

Answer . \nA cosigner is needed when the primary borrower does not, for whatever reason, (age, income, credit rating, etc.) does not qualify for a loan on their own merit.

When do you need a cosigner?

Answer . If you have insufficient credit strength for a lending institution to accept a loan you'll need a co-signer.

Why do you need a cosigner?

You will need a co-signer on a loan if the lender has determined that you do not have enough income or the credit rating necessary to make the purchase alone. It could also be

Cosigner need insurance?

The cosigner on an automobile loan is not the person who has to payfor insurance on the vehicle. The registered owner should pay thefees for insurance. However, it is the cosi

If you do not have a job but still have an income like the GI Bill would you need to have a cosigner on a loan?

How it is looked at by the loan companies is Income minus Expenses, if your annual income is only 10k but your rent (or mortgage) is only 5k a year, they see it as you have 5k

What do you need to know about cosigning a loan?

You are standing up for the person getting the loan and saying that they are trustworthy and honest and will pay the lending institution back, BUT in the event they can not re

Does a cosigner need to be on car insurance?

In most cases these days, when people think they are a Co-Signer, they are in fact a Co-Buyer. If you are a co-buyer then by default you are a co-owner. In the event of an acc