Do you need to replace the wheel bearing when replacing brake discs on a mark 4 golf gti?

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no need to replace wheel bearing unless the wheel bearing is worn out

How do you replace a fuse on a VW Golf GTI?

Answer . Buy the same rated fuse pull out the broken fuse and replace with new fuse job done. The fuse box is under the drivers side of the dash.. (Don't forget the fuses

How do you replace the rear brake pads on a VW Golf GTI?

There are two outer bolts that have to be removed. They actually fit through a bracket and screw into another bolt head on the inside of the bracket. Use a 13mm wrench on the

How do you replace a wheel stud on a disc brake Ford Focus?

Answer . Simple. You get a BFH! ~ Big F@$%^&g Hammer and pound it out. I would suggest you take the part off the vehicle first and have a good, strong metal surface to poun

What parts are needed to replace Melex golf cart brakes?

To replace Melex golf cart brakes, you will need parts that varydepending on the model. In all cases, you will need the new brakeshoes and possibly the calipers. You can repla

Do your wheel bearings need replaced?

Yes! These pin bearings are surrounded by high temp grease, the grease is kept where it should be by rubber seals. Once these seals are worn out, and cracked, or broken comple

How do you replace the rear brake discs on a VW Golf GTI?

The following information relates to mk2 and mk3 Golfs but should be applicable to most VAG cars fitted with rear disc brakes. . Remove the road wheel. . Remove the brake

How do you replace rear shock absorbers on a mark IV golf GTI?

You basically lift up the car, remove the rear wheels , get a portable lift that can sustain the rear axle , and remove the two screws that hold the shock absorber in place.

What are the signs that wheel bearings need to be replaced?

Major vibration in the steering wheel. With the car parked and the steering wheel unlocked, go to a tire and try to shake it back and forth by grabbing on each side of the tir
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How do you Replace disc brakes sable?

to replace the brake pads on any car loosen the lugs abit (not all the way) then jack it up. remove the lugs all the way, pull the tire off, theres 2 Allen key bolts holding t
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How do you replace brake discs pads on a 1996 golf?

OK, you've got to take it step by step. Step 1 - Find yellow pages (if you have not got one, DON'T WORRY skip straight to step 2) Step 2 - Walk over to phone (note: be c