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Do you need travel insurance when going to belfast from the UK?

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Belfast is actually part of the United Kingdom but I would strongly advise you to get UK travel insurance. Domestic travel can go wrong just as easily as international travel. www.insuremore.co.uk is a good place to find UK travel insurance at a reasonable price.
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Do you need a passport to travel from London to Belfast?

yes it does, just like everywhere else To clarify that: Not for the country itself as Belfast is in Ulster, part of the UK, and you are a citizen of GB or Eire, or indeed of

Do you need a passport to travel from Belfast to London?

Whether or not you need to present your passport a) to purchase a ticket for the journey and b) to actually make the journey will usually depend on at least three different fa

Do you need a passport to go to Belfast?

That will depend on where you are coming from. If it is from outside Ireland and Britain, then you would certainly need one.

Do you need a passport to fly from the UK to Belfast?

No, Belfast (Northern Ireland) is in the UK! Dublin (Republic of Ireland) is also in the European Union. No passport required within the EU. Note: It is law that a person

Do you need travel insurance to go abroad?

The answer is no, there is no legal requirement to have travel  insurance.   It may well be advisable. It does not cost that much if you shop  around. Travel insurances

Do you need a visa to travel from Belfast to Dublin?

Not necessarily. It will depend on your nationality. Non-EUcitizens will need a passport, and from some countries they willneed a visa. The website of the Department of Foreig