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Do you need two keys to program a remote car starter?

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Sometimes. The only reason you will usually need a key to program is for the immobilizer bypass module. Depending on the immobilizer used in the vehicle, some will require two keys to properly program the bypass module. This will depend on whether or not your vehicle has an immobilizer, and if it does, what kind it has. Professional installation is always recommended with remote starts, and the installer should be able to tell you if your vehicle requires two keys to program.
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How do you program a astrostart model 2100 remote starter key fob?

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Lots of places install them. Shops that install radios in vehicles will usually sell and install remote starters. Call around.

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John Mangan (of manganlabs.com), a home hobbyist and hardware hacker created the first remote car starter in 1989. The car was controlled using an old cordless telephone with