Do you need wifi to play Pokemon GO?

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You do not need wifi in order to play, but having it turned on on your device can help increase location accuracy.
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What do you need to go to WiFi connection?

Malls, Stores, airports, even parks and cities are now having wireless WIFI. or Buy a wireless router and you will have a wireless internet connection at home

How do you play on WiFi on Pokemon Diamond?

You can exchange friend codes with someone and battle or trade from far away or go to the wifi battles at the battle tower in the Fight Area. _______________________________

What do you need to get on to Nintendo WiFi in Pokemon platinum?

have Nintendo wifi at your house. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . You don't need to have "Nintendo Wifi" at your house. You just need to be able to access an open source of
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Does Pokemon go need wifi?

It does not require wifi to be played, but having it turned on onyour device can help improve location accuracy.