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Do you pay child support on a minor not in school?

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Yes, until the age when support stops, which can be up to age 21. see links below
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If you fathered a child when you were a minor do you still have to pay child support?

In most cases in the US, a minor is not liable for paying child support until he or she reaches the legal age of majority. The rare exception is if the underage person has an

Do minors or their parents have to pay child support for their children?

Child support is paid by the parents. It is a court awarded decision where one parent contributes a stipulated amount of money to keep the minor(s) in the life style to which

Do the parents of a minor father have to pay child support?

If the minor father has no means of paying child support, then yeshis parents could be responsible for that. Answer2: Sadly the parents could be on the hook especially if the

Do minors have to pay child support?

If a minor becomes a minor-parent, they are liable for child support to their child. Check your state laws.

In Louisiana if minor has a baby do you still have to pay child support?

yes . Research this one. I believe it has a morality provision in this regard, but can't find it right now. Lost the summary reference link on my computer for the state. Thei

Minor has a baby who pays for the child support?

If you're in the US... The parents (be they minors or not) of the baby are the only ones responsible for financially supporting the child. Hope they have jobs.

Do you have to pay child support if you are in school?

Yes, you must still pay child support, even if you're enrolled in school. If your income is reduced, or if you have no income, you may petition the court to reduce the amount