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Do you pay land transfer tax in Ontario when buying a new home?

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Indeed you do. The land is first owned by the developer, when you take possession of the land & house the land ownership is transferred to the buyer, complete with a title search.
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Do you need to pay state sales taxes when you buy a house as in the case when one buys a new car from a dealership?

Yes, there are taxes involved in the sale and transferral of real estate. These tax are often in different form from sales tax. Handled at closing, these taxes, called "doc st

When refinancing home with a cash out do i pay taxes?

Borrowed money is never taxable income. (Whenever you get a loan you are getting "cash out" and putting the property up as collateral). You don't pay tax on taking out you

How can buying a home help with your income taxes?

Home interest increases your deductions   The interest you pay when you buy home is an itemized deduction on your tax return. As long as the interest and your other itemi

Do you pay taxes on a car you buy in another state?

In Georgia..Yes! If you purchased a car at a dealership in Alabama but live in Georgia you pay Alabama sales tax and then when you get your GA registration/tag you pay then.

Do you have to pay taxes for buying a used car?

I assume you are in the Canadian market and the taxes are in Canada. When buying from a dealer you should expect to pay 13% of tax, both GST and PST. But when buying from a pr

Do you pay property tax on land in Florida?

In the state of Florida if you own land, that is your name appears on the title, you must pay taxes each and every year to the County tax collectors office in which the land i

What taxes do you have to pay when you buy a motorcycle?

  You will have to pay the state and local sales tax as it applies in your state the same as you would for any other vehicle. You will also be paying for a tag to license

What happens when you do not pay the taxes on your home?

Municipalities have the legal authority to take possession of real property when the property taxes become delinquent. The legal procedure varies from state to state but gener

If you rent a home do you pay school taxes?

No, you don't directly pay real estate taxes when you rent a home. You don't receive an assessment notice from the local assessor and get the tax bill. However, you do pay rea

What happens if a home owner does not pay their property taxes in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, property taxes are a continuous lien on the real estate. Property taxes are due in four installments during the year: February 1, May 1, August 1, and November