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This depends on what the settlement consist of. Any part of the settlement that is reimbursement for medical expenses or pain and suffering is not taxable. If part of the settlement consists of reimbursement for lost wages, that is taxable. That is because, had you received those wages back then, you would have had to pay taxes on them. It is basically taxable money that you didn't get till after you should have.
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    TAX OR NO? SEE US       It is my understanding that monies collected in any form which are not specifically exempted from tax status are considered

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General guidelines:   If the money you receive is to replace taxable income - loss of wages, for example - then there is a taxable situation. (You would have paid tax on

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  It depends on what the payments are for.   Damages received for personal physical injury or physical sickness are NOT taxable.   Punitive damages ARE taxable.  

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There are no taxes on table games winnings so you will not get a W2-G but the casino may issue a 1099 form at the end of the year if your winnings exceed $600. They will have

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