Do you think that Oral Communication is more effective than Written Communication?

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for business propose written communication is the best for security reason and you have a prof all communication if something wrong in future.
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How does oral communication differ from written communication?

Talking about oral communication,we mean 'word of mouth'. Talking about written communication,we mean 'written with the hand'. Hence,we can say while oral communication appe

Written communication is better than the oral communication?

Sometimes written communication is better than oral communication, but sometimes oral communication is better than written communication. It depends on the situation. There ar

How does peronality affect the effectiveness of oral communication?

One of the objectives of communication is to communicate that you have a personality. Since we make sense of the world through our senses .... your eyes, your ears etc. ,we ne
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How written communication can be made more effective?

Follow 5 easy steps: (1) Know you audience - failure to understand this may result in misunderstanding; (2) Establish credibility - show you know about the subject and the con
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What are the methods of effective oral communication?

1) Being patient enough to listen to what the other person has to say. 2) Not being afraid to speak what's on your mind. ======= Communication, according to Webster'