Do you trim a bottle palm trunk?

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Yes, trim the trunk. Just finished mine. What a pain! Here's a good how-to video:
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How do you trim trees?

Prune when the tree is dormant. Right before buds start to develop.You will need a pair of pruners, loppers, and maybe a saw. Cut anytwigs, or branches that cross into each other. You want to try andcut any growing far downward to maintain an upright shape. All cutsyou make should be cut at an angle (MORE)

What is trunking?

Trunking means that several connections in a network may be established simultaneously, and that setup of connections proceeds automatically using the channels available at the time in question. In this way many users may share a few connections, and if the number of connections is increased, the ca (MORE)

What is the trimming on an airplane?

An airplane flies in a state of balance of many forces that act upon it, mainly its flying surfaces. Due to such factors as weight distribution on board, wind direction and velocity, spin of propellers, if any, etc. the plane can tend to fly off course unless the pilot makes an input to the air cont (MORE)

How do you trim spirea?

Pruning spirea shrubs . Spirea can be trimmed lightly or severely depending on what you are trying to accomplish. If you just want to clean up the spent flower blooms, just cut them off with pruners. Depending on your climate and when you do this, you may get additional blooms the same season. (MORE)

When do you trim your clematis?

Answer . Generally, prune hard in winter, and trim to shape after flowering. . First you need to know what type of Clematis. The method of pruning differs with each.

Can you compost palm tree trunk wood?

You can compost anything organic.. the question is how long will it take.. If that's not an issue and you have the space, then go ahead and through it in the pile. Personally, I'd split the wood and run it through a chipper first... that would get you headed in the right direction. Careful though.. (MORE)

How do you trim your blueberries?

first take out all dead branches and such. this must be done as soon as the berries are gone as to take old growth out for new growth.

How do you Trim a traveler palm?

The first step in pruning a travelers palm is to trim off any brownleaves or suckers. Next, any outer leaves can be pruned to keep itfrom spreading.

How do you trim a sago palm?

Trim the Sago palm by cutting back brown or yellow palm frondsclose to the truck. This should be done annually in the fall.

How do you trim a juniper?

A Juniper should be trimmed the most in the winter. A Junipershould have the long growth cut at the base of the shrub. Othertrimming should be done so that other branches cover where youpruned.

What are trims of garment?

Actually the Fabricational part of the garments is called Trims andthe non fabricational part of the garments are called fusing thread care label etc are the trims and the zipperbuttons studs poopers eyelet etc are the accessories.

Why do you trim trees?

you would trim the lower branches of a tree so you can walk under it. you would trim a tree so the branches stay off the roof and out of the guttersyou would trim a tree so it's branches don't rub against power lines---you would trim a tree so sunshine would flow into your garden and every bodys fav (MORE)

What is a bottle?

A Bottle is a narrow-necked hollow vessel, a plastic or glassrecipient that can contain a sertain amount of liquids. Bottles are containers that are typically made of hard substanceslike plastic or glass. Occasionally bottles will be made out ofmetal.

What is a valve trim?

That is the handles, screws, face plate and everything except the rough in valve. The rough in is the main body of the valve that is installed in the wall before drywalling or putting the tub/shower in. The trim is put on after the walls are finished.

What is a trunk?

The trunk is the main section of the body (thorax and abdomen), containing all the important support systems and relevant organs. It is also the long, prehensile facial appendage of the elephant - its nose. 'Trunk' is also a slang reference for the posterior ('booty'). It is also a reference to t (MORE)

What is casing- trim?

\nThe moulding that goes around the doors and windows and the baseboard where the wall meets the floor.

How do you trim hydrangeas?

With Hydrangea hortensis the common mophead hydrangea leave the old flowers on until the Spring and then cut off down to the first pair of fat flower buds you come to.

How do you trim a yorkie?

You take scissors, and take the fur between your fingers, and smooth it out, then with the scissors, trim off the edges of the pointed fur to a nice flat edge!

How do you trim geraniums?

you want to take the spent blossoms all the way down to the stem and clean off dead and all yellow leaves. if you are wanting to pinch it back you have to find where the new groth is forming and pinch it back about an inch or desiered height. the plant with force new growth for beneth the break and (MORE)

How do you trim your eyebrows?

Trim your eyebrows by using an eyelash comb and combing it upwards. You will see the hairs that stick out, get any type of miniature scissors and trim away!

How do you trim it?

How to trim a bushes or weeds? Well first, you are going to use a trimmer (which is like a huge pair of scissors.) Then you will slowly cut where you want the cut to end. Just keep doing that repeatedlly until you finally finish the work!

If bigfoot was stuck in a bottle would he jump off the palm tree and catch the coconut to escape?

big foot- also known as homosasquashes does not exist. But... if he was stuck in a bottle im sure he'd jump off the palm tree and catch the coconut to escape its just pure physics he would definitely want to escape but the bigger question.............................................................. (MORE)

What is trim in excel?

It allows you to cut out unwanted space around a piece of text. That way you are just left with the actual characters that make up the text with no spaces at the beginning or the end, although spaces in the middle will be kept where you have more than one word.

How do you get out of a trunk?

If its a car trunk your talking about, just look for a neon tab, its glow in the dark and most cars made in the last five or six years have them. If the car is older than that push the seats in, they will likely fold down and you can get out that way.

What is a trim panel?

Trim Panels refer to interior panels that cover the doors as well as below the dashboard area. Generally used to hide unsightly components.

How do you trim down a palm tree height?

In 99% of cases you cannot trim the height of a palm tree withoutkilling it. Palms are moncotyledonous, this means they have onegrowth point or apical bud; this is located in the centre of thefronds and produces the new fronds. If this is damaged the plantcannot grow any more and will eventually die (MORE)

Landscaper accidentally cut off top of palm tree and then trimmed it back with a chainsaw on the trunk Will it come back to life or will it die?

Answer 1: There's nothing to be done. The remaining frondswill eventually turn brown, and the whole plant will die. EvenBuddha in the Vinaya knew that if you cut off the top of the palmtree, it will not grow back from the roots. Answer 2: It depends on which type of palm it is. Some can regenera (MORE)

When do you trim rhododendrons?

Prune rhododendron soon after they finish blooming to avoid loosing flowers the following year. They start producing new flower buds for the next year several weeks after they finish blooming. By mid summer most of these buds have been formed. Pruning then may remove all of the buds for the next yea (MORE)

What is a trim on a helicopter?

Helicopters do have Trim but not in the traditional sesne of aircraft of the fixed wing variety. they apperently have devices which can be employed which hold the cyclic (control stick) in place, though i can not say to what degree of freedom.

What is a trim rider?

It was a piece of exercise equipment made by Bollinger for Denise Austin about 20 years ago.

What is sail trim?

Sail trim is the adjustment of the sails in relationship to the wind direction. If the sails are too far out and are luffing, one would say, "Trim in the saisl". If the sails are pulled in too tight, one would say, "Ease the sheets". The rule in trimming any sail is to easy it out till it starts to (MORE)

How do you trim your nails?

People normally trim their nails with a simple tool called a nail clipper. You press the lever and the blades converge on the nail and cut off the excess.

What does floor trim do?

covers the gaps around the edges & gives a dressier look, also allows for some expansion & contraction without binding.

What is a car trim?

Car trim typically represents the "trim level" of a specific model. A trim level means that certain items are available with each higher trim level adding more options. For instance, if your vehicle comes equipped with standard clothe seats, leather seating surfaces might be offered in a higher trim (MORE)

What are trunks?

The word trunks has many meanings. The long nose of an elephant is a trunk; a large box you can store things in a trunk; the back of a vehicle where you put groceries is a trunk; amd swimming suits are sometimes referred to as swimming trunks.