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Do you turn your pump off to the swimming pool if it is freezing outside?

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Assuming you live in an area where pools are winterized and shut down for winter, I would run filter for 45min - 1 hour per day. Be carefulk not to over sanitize the pool because chlorine (etc) demand is very low while water is so cold. If you expect to experience freezing weather then do not turn your pump off. LEAVE YOUR PUMP ON. Moving water can not freeze. As water freezes there is expansion. This freezing/expansion can destroy your pump, filter and pipes. Steve Dunn Commercial Pool Systems, Inc.
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How do you prime a swimming pool pump?

Priming a Pump   To prime a swimming pool pump when the motor is in operation and the pressure gauge has 0 lbs. of pressure you will first need to turn the motor off. Tak

What could be wrong if your swimming pool light malfunctions and turns off by itself then after awhile it sometimes turns on again?

Answer   Bad switch? Bad connection? Bad bulb?   The sensor on the back of the fixture is most likely sensing that the light is overheating or you may have a short. Ha

Can a salt water generator be on with the pool pump turned off?

If your salt chlorinator works by way of water passing over or through an electrolytic cell then it should automatically shut down once the water flow is ceased. The reason fo

Should you run your swimming pool pump after adding muriatic acid or turn it off and if you turn it off for how long?

Answer . If you are adjusting pH, add acid by spreading it around the pool with filter pump ON. Leave pump run for a couple of hours after adding acid. If you attempting to

How do I prime a swimming pool filter pump?

  One way: Remove the pump lid and add water to the top of the pot. Close the pot lid and start the pump. Let run 2 to 4 min to see if the water will come into the pot on

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How do you connect swimming pool pump to the filter?

You connect the discharge side of the pump with PVC pipe to the inlet side of the filter or back wash valve. For above ground pools this is usually done with a section of ribb

If you have a 15' by 42' round above-ground swimming pool how many gallons per hour should your filter or pump turn over?

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Should you empty the pool and turn off the pump during the winter months?

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Will a pool turn green after dogs swim in it?

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