Does Borders buy used books?

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Some Borders do. I used to go to a Borders that took used books, but now the one I live closest to doesn't. You should ask someone that works there.
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Where to buy used books in Toronto Ontario Canada?

A good place is Harbord St. west of Spadina Ave. There are many book stores in downtown Toronto that sell many used books in various conditions. Much of it is a matter of se

Who buys used books?

1. Used Book Stores. 2. People who shop at used book stores. 3. People shopping on e-bay or other online auction sites. 4. People at the library, buying books that the l

Where do you buy used books?

The leading sources of used books are used book stores, and e-bay. Libraries sometimes sell some of their books. Garage sales and estate sales often include books.

Where can one buy used books from a bookstore?

Used books tend not to sold alongside new books in a bookstore. However there are a great many second hand bookstores in most towns including charity shops. Alternatively book

Where can you buy used books in Singapore?

You can go to secondhand bookshops which are located all aroundSingapore. One place that I would recommend is Bras Basah Complex.When I went there, there were plenty of second