Does Brett Favre have any children?

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Brett Favre has 2 daughters, Brittany (born February 6, 1989) and Breleigh (born July 13, 1999).

His grandson, Parker Brett, was born on April 2, 2010.
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How many starts does Brett Favre have?

253 consecutive starts 253 consecutive starts Brett Favre has 306 consecutive starts in a row heading into the Panthers game. GO VIKINGS.....EMAIL ME AT

Who is Brett Favre?

Brett Favre was the quarterback for the NFL Green Bay Packers.Favre announced his retirement in March 2008 but later came out ofretirement. He last played for the Minnesota Vikings in 2010 andretired for good on January 17, 2011. He holds many NFL passingrecords including yards, touchdowns, intercep (MORE)

Does Brett Favre have any kids?

Brett Favre has 2 daughters, Brittany (born February 6, 1989) and Breleigh (born July 13, 1999). His grandson, Parker Brett, was born on April 2, 2010.

Does Brett Favre have a nickname?

Well, according to professional basketball player Jordan "Atta Baby" Fox, His nick name is "Cash Money", but I can't really say if this is considered official or not.

Will Brett Favre stay retired?

No I agree - No. He just doesn't want to attend training camp. But more importantly, he wants to be fresh at the end of the year when it really counts. After all, everyone has been talking extensively about how he starts-off great but goes bad the last few games. He will be on the Vikings no later (MORE)

Why does everyone respect Brett Favre?

Because, Brett Lorenzo Favre is the greatest QB ever, he holds every record possible for a quarterback and he's still playing into his 40's... how can you not respect the guy?

Brett Favre net worth?

As of June 2014, Brett Favre's net worth is an estimated $100million. He is a former NFL football player.

Where did Brett Favre grow up?

Given name Brett Lorenzo Favre ; Born in Gulfport, Miss. Grew up in Kiln, Miss. (pronounced KILL); (from the Brett Favre website)

Is Brett Favre in Madden 09?

yes, on the ps3, or xbox 360 you get him, but on the ps2 you only get him on the 07 packers, he is NOT considered in the NFL on the ps2's madden 09, but you could play as him with the 07 packer team, but you can't trade him to a new roster

Why is Brett Favre not in Madden 2009?

he is on madden 09 he just isn't on a team type in how to get Brett favre on madden 09 and look at the answer and do that but oyu can only get him on xbox 360 or ps3

Why is everyone mad at Brett Favre?

because he had to go and screw around in the preseason for the third year in a row. Ted Thompson finally got sick of his antics and refused to pick him up for another season. And, of course, not everybody is mad at Brett Favre. His wife probably still tolerates his shenanigans. Perhaps.

What is Brett Favre passing average?

ref: if you mean passing completion, it is presently 61.5% for his pro career. [ the highest for a career listed at is 65.6% (Chad Pennington) ]

Does Brett Favre have any sons?

No. Brett Favre has 2 daughters, Brittany (born February 6, 1989) and Breleigh (born July 13, 1999). His grandson, Parker Brett, was born on April 2, 2010.

Which stadium has Brett Favre not won in?

He has NEVER won in Dallas nor has he beat them This is NOT true - Brett Favre became the first QB in NFL history to beat all 32 teams (Including the Packers) when he beat the Packers as the Vikings QB. He did beat Dallas, but I don't think ever won at Texas Stadium - the Cowboys got a SEVERE WHIP (MORE)

Best Brett Favre card?

This is the modern-day great debate since the invention of the insert card versus the traditional rookie card. In the days prior to 1991, there were just one primary card for a player that was considered the "best" card.. In the truest since of the word of "best" if discussing this in terms of rari (MORE)

Did Brett Favre play baseball?

Yes he did play for the Expos for 2 years as a pitcher the fastest he ever thrrew was 120 mph fastball down the middle.

Why is Brett Favre so good?

Probably practice and dedication is what made him into the quarterback he is today. But others might say he was just born with it while others would just say it's all three.

When is Brett Favre going to retire?

No one knows for sure. It may be after the '09-'10 football season or later than that. Even if he makes an announcement that he is going to retire, it is still uncertain because of the experience everyone has had with that announcement in the past. It's all up to Brett.

What Brett Favre cards are rare?

there are only a few really rare ones out there. the 91 wild card college card with the 1000 stripe on it is very tough. reportedly there were only 10 made but from my readings only 3 have been reported. the 91 stadium club is rare it was handed out at the Superbowl in 91. the 91 star pics auto is a (MORE)

How old was Brett Favre when he retired?

41, at his final retirement on January 17, 2011. Farve announcedhis first retirement on March 4, 2008, at 39-years-old. However, hechanged his mind and was traded to the New York Jets that summer.In 2009, he signed with the Minnesota Vikings and played for twoseasons

Where is Brett Favre from?

Brett Favre was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, and raised in Kiln, Mississippi (pronounced "kill"), southeast of Picayune and northwest of Bay St. Louis in Hancock County, which is the southeastern corner of the state on the border with Louisiana.

Does Brett Favre Have A Tattoo?

Yes, it is a butterfly and a unicorn kissing and it is located on his left buttock. On the right buttock cheek he has a fox chasing a rabbit into the hole.

What wrong things did Brett Favre do?

He told the team he was retiring, they struggled to fill in the lineup with his absence, and then he had the nerve to try to come back to the Packers after they had worked so hard to replace him. They didn't take him back because they had all ready replaced him. And that ended up working out very we (MORE)

Did Jeremy Brett have any children?

Yes. On 24 May 1958 he married the actress Anna Massey. Their son, David Huggins, born in 1959 is now a British cartoonist, illustrator and novelist Jeremy regarded Caleb and Rebekah Sullivan as his children -- a legacy for him from Joan Wilson, his second wife.

For what team does Brett Favre play?

Brett Favre is now retired and no longer plays in the NFL. During his career he played for 4 teams, though he is best known as the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He also played for the Falcons, Jets and Vikings.

What team did Brett Favre play for?

Brett Favre is most notorious for playing with the Green Bay Packers, though he also has played for the Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons and the New York Jets.

Who is the spouse of Brett Favre?

The wife of Brett Favre is Deanna Tynes Favre. She was born in 1968 and started a breast cancer foundation after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004.

What is the value of a Brett Favre Bobblehead?

The value of a Brett Favre Bobblehead will depend on the condition that it is in as well as the interest of potential buyers. On websites such as eBay, these can go for anywhere from 10 dollars to as much as 75 dollars.

Where can one get Brett Favre cards?

Brett Farve cards can be purchased through Amazon, COMC, Sports Buy and Blowout Cards. Local garage sales, consignment shops and sports memorabilia stores are also worth checking out.