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Does Bristol Palin's baby have Down syndrome?

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Will two people with Down syndrome have a Down syndrome baby?

It is very unlikely that two people with Down Syndrome are able to conceive. Most males with Down Syndrome are infertile, with only 3 recorded instances of a down syndrome f

Can two people who have Down syndrome have a baby?

Yes, however there are risks involved. First of all, most males with Down's Syndrome tend to be infertile, or have a sperm-count so low they cannot effectively reproduce. If t

Did Michelle Duggar have a down syndrome baby?

No. All 19 of Michelle Duggar's children are perfectly healthy, without any lasting medical conditions. Even Josie, who was born 3 and a half months premature, is thriving and

When can a baby develop Down syndrome?

Down Syndrome is present at birth, since it is the result of a genetic condition. It is merely a matter of your doctors recognizing it. In some children it is harder to recogn

How do you avoid a Down syndrome baby?

There is no way, it is a "mistake" in the genetic make-up of the child. but really there is no reason to avoid it.

Can down syndrome be inherited from the father of the baby?

Down syndrome is not technically inherited. It is a genetic oops caused by an egg or a sperm having two 21st chromosomes, each egg/sperm is only supposed to have 1 copy of eac

How can you tell if you will have a baby with Down syndrome?

Well, first, if your already pregnant, you can get a test and they will be able to tell you if you have a child with Down Syndrome or not. But, if you just gave birth to the b