Does Bulgaria has mountains?

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Yes, the highest top on the Balkans is situated in Bulgaria in Rila mountain and is called Musala - 2925m
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What is the mountain range in Bulgaria?

There are two main mountain ranges in ranges in Bulgaria, the northern one is called the Balkan Mountains and the southern one is called the Rhodope Mountains.

Mountain range of Bulgaria?

There are two mountain ranges extended beyond the frontier of Bulgaria. a. The Balkan Mountain Range (local name- Stara Planina), extended deep in Serbia. Its in the northern

What mountain separates Serbia and Bulgaria?

NONE!!! There are a "few" thousans kilometers in between (them); Siberia is in ASIA then, past the URAL mountains, EUROPE starts... siberia is the Asian part of russia.

How many mountains are there in Bulgaria?

1.Rila(peak : Musala) 2. Pirin (peak : Vihren) 3.Vitosha (peak : Cherni vruh) 4. Stara Planina (peak : Botev) 5.Rodopi (peak: Goliam Perelik) 6.Lulin (peak: Dupevica