Does Cambodia have a volcano?

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Yes, it has an inactive volcano with a beautiful, deep lake (named Yak Loum) inside an almost perfectly round crater at the top. It is a popular tourist destination.

Location: Ratanakiri province in Northeastern Cambodia
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What happened in Cambodia?

in Cambodia there was a fight a very small fight between a man and his dog. This is what happened in Cambodia (shortened version)

When was Cambodia colonized?

Because of threatening from Thailand and Laos, Cambodia decided to ask France for protection in 9 November 1953. France helped to protect Cambodia from Thailand and Laos, but France also put a lot of taxes to get money back from Cambodian.

What is the capital of Cambodia?

The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh is once known as the "Pearl of Asia," this is Cambodia'seconomic, political, industrial, and cultural center making it thenation's wealthiest and most populous city. It is located at theconfluence of three rivers, the Mekong River, the Basaac Ri (MORE)

The farms in Cambodia?

Most of the farms in cambodia are used to farm rice crops and there are also many man made lakes which they use to farm fish, especially when the monsoon season comes and brings alot of rain and flooding to areas that are dry during the summer months. as for the farming of animals i dont believe tha (MORE)

Where is Cambodia?

On the Gulf of Thailand in Southeast Asia between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Cambodia is along the eastern border of Vietnam, with a northern border touching Laos, and a western border with Thailand as a neighbor; the southern portion is coastline. Cambodia located south of China(but not touchi (MORE)

History of Cambodia?

history of Cambodia is sad . There were many wars . They were liberated again .sometimes by the Khmer rouge and sometimes by the Vietnamese . People of Cambodia were cut of from the other world for a long time . They were told that they are a family [ not so in real ] .. Also the Cambodian was not (MORE)

Who is the president of Cambodia?

Prime minister of Cambodia is HUN SEN There is no president as Cambodia is a monarchy. Mr Hun Sen Cambodia does not have a president. The country is a monarchy ruledby a king and led by a prime minister. The current king is NorodomSihamoni and the prime minister is Hun Sen.

When was Cambodia discovered?

Caves in prehistoric Cambodia were first occupied around 7000 BC.From around 2000 BC, Cambodians began growing food anddomesticating animals.

Why was Cambodia colonized?

It was related to the history of the Cambodia. Actually, Cambodia was weak to defend itself from the foreign invaded. That the reason the king of Cambodia decided to put French colony for helping.

Who are the allies of Cambodia?

Following its establishment, the primary foreign relationships of the PRK were those with Vietnam, Laos, the Soviet Union, and the countries of Eastern Europe. The PRK had only one resident mission in a noncommunist state, the one in India. The PRK also maintained diplomatic relations with about twe (MORE)

Who is the leader of Cambodia?

Prime Minister Hun Sen . In 2008- Norodom Sihamoni is the King of Cambodia. His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni, King of Cambodia

Is Cambodia communist?

no Cambodia is a democracy and. It became that way after 1975 when Karma Rouge was ; well something happened to him I don't know. It has a multitude of religious beliefs and seems peaceful, I hope. There are many languages spoken and English is one of them ! Yea

How cold does it get in Cambodia?

In Cambodia, the average low temperature is around 74 degrees butin rare occurrences it will drop to 70 degrees, but never below.

What is the food in Cambodia?

The staple food in Cambodia is rice. Rice is eaten daily with everymeal. Deep-fried rice cakes with chives and spinach are a favoritestreet-side snack. Rice noodle soup or rice porridge are eaten forbreakfast. Rice served with freshwater grilled fish and salad is atypical dinner.

What do children do in Cambodia?

children just go to school and live normal life but you know children that are very poor have to work at an early age instead of going to school.but others just play and have fun with their friends when they are out of school.. p.s. they also do homework and play sports just like children from othe (MORE)

How old is Cambodia?

i dont know but somebody has to. my dad doesnt even know and hes 100 percent Cambodian!he lived in Cambodia till he was 37 and now hes 40!

What was the Cambodia genocide?

The Cambodian Genocide was a time of period when all the Cambodians were taken to a " secret Prison" and then toruted until they confessed the crime that they did not do.!!! also the victims were kept chained to each others feet and if they moved and the guard heard the chain move then the guard wil (MORE)

Are there forests in Cambodia?

There are large tracts of forest in Cambodia, despite the deforestation campaigns waged on Cambodia during the American(vietnam)war. . During the Vietnam War, there were many forests in Cambodia, Laos and South Vietnam. Only Airmen can report on forests for North Vietnam (they're the only ones tha (MORE)

Where was Cambodia found?

Cambodia is along the western border of Vietnam, with a northern border touching Laos, and a western border with Thailand as a neighbor; the southern portion is coastline. For more information, see website: Cambodia.

How did Cambodia get independence?

The original answer to this question is below; I have merely improved on it. As French colonial presence became weaker in South East Asia, King Norodom Sihanouk pushed for independence, creating a revolution with the Cambodian people. The people felt pressurised by the French colonial powers and (MORE)

What is the city of Cambodia?

It is hard to expain that you don't know the city of what? The city of Cambodia is also the same to the other city of the other countries too.

What do they eat in Cambodia?

In the Vietnam war, the viets were cannibals b/c they starved during the war. They started killing and eating the Khmer people. Otherwise they killed all the chickens, goats and cows to eat.

What is the currency of Cambodia?

The currency is the Cambodian Riehl (KHR). The conversion rate is about 4,100 KHR to $1 USD. It comes in 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, and 100000 denominations. The country will also take the USD. 1$ = 4000 Riel= 40 Bart( Thai currency).

Is Cambodia poor?

Yes. Cambodia is poor. The Khmer Rouge destroyed much of the infrastructure. They also destroyed the people who could rebuild it. Cambodia has fantastic natural resources. It no longer has the people capable of exploiting them.

Who started Cambodia?

The Funan Kingdom, believed to have started around the first century BC, is the first known kingdom of Cambodia. The kingdom was strongly influenced by Indian culture by shaping the culture, art and political system. Known as Jayavarman II, he started a cult that honored Shiva, a Hindu god, as a (MORE)

What is mined in Cambodia?

Inker cement, laterite blocks, phosphate rock, quartz sand, sand and gravel, crushed stones, sandstone, and salt; clay, gemstones, gold, iron ore, and limeare all mined in Cambodia. . See website: Cambodia

What is the geography of Cambodia?

Cambodia covers 216,516 square yards in area and is divided into 21 providences. . Cambodia is bordered by Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the Gulf of Thailand . Most of Cambodia is flat, but there are some mountains including the Dangrek, Cardomen, and Elephant mountain ranges

How is Cambodia now?

Even today, Cambodia is still a considerable product of its ownhistory. Cambodia has remained stable under Prince NorodomSihamoni. Cambodia is currently operating on a multiparty liberaldemocracy. While political leadership is improving, Cambodia stillrelies mostly on agriculture and remains signifi (MORE)

What is cambodias flower?

It is Narcissus,but some cabodian thinks Pygmy Waterlily is the national flower of cambodia kindon

What are facts about Cambodia?

Some interesting facts about Cambodia are that tipping isn'tpracticed, and that it has one of the highest deforestation rates:since 1970, forest coverage area in Cambodia had gone from 70% toabout 3%.

Why Cambodia poor?

When the Khmer Rouge took over Lol Nol they moved all people of Phnom Penh out of the urban areas into the agricultural areas and de-modernised everything, no hospitals, no schools. People were killed for having soft hands even. Money became worthless within this time. This demodernisation took Camb (MORE)

How do you get into Cambodia in Hobowars?

After completion of the first two adventures, you should explore your lucky numbers from a wonka bar. Do that, then find all the punks & get a Fake Id. After that, go get drunk at the liquor store. For the future... ask these questions on the hobowars mb.

Who is the richest in Cambodia?

Neak Oknha Kith Meng is the richest person in Cambodia. He is worth.6 billion dollars. He made his money in television andcommunications.

When is summer in Cambodia?

The nation of Cambodia is located in the northern hemisphere.Summer begins approximately June 21 of each year. Cambodia,however, is mostly a tropical country.

Who were aggressors of Cambodia?

The aggressors of Cambodia were found within their own country. TheKhmer Rouge was a communist regime that decimated its own countrybecause of a Utopia-based dream.

What are jobs for Cambodia?

the job of cambodia is very narrow because some of students are less of knowledge so they can't work to do. eventhought some of offical they don't retire so it make student less of work

Does Cambodia have college?

They have universities, but I don't know if College and University are the same, it's kind of confuse. They have universities in cities, but not in rural areas.

How is theEducation in Cambodia?

Improving. By my own experience, I believe that the class in Cambodia is harder than in U.S. In Cambodia, u need to take chemistry, Khmer, math, biology,physics, history, health, PE, geology,and geography in every years of 4 years High school.

What contient is Cambodia on?

The continent that Cambodia is in is Asia. It is close to Iraq which is home to Muslims. I believe Cambodians are part of Buddhism.

What is cambodias religions?

Christianity just started to grow in Cambodia recently. Most of the people in Cambodia are Buddhist, and some are atheist.

What is peace in Cambodia?

Peace in Cambodia made it possible for Norodom Sihanouk to bereinstated as King after the UN sponsored elections were of 1993.