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no , but facebook needs a chuck Norris
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Where is Chuck Norris?

You don't search for Chuck Norris, he searches for you.....

Who was Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris is epic he is the reason Kratos killed himself. He  also is the person who mad the earth spin.He roundhouse kicked it a  billion years ago its still spinning. H

Why Is Chuck Norris?

chuck Norris was created when a meteor hit earth when the dinosaurs were still alive. the impact was so massive the most powerful human being beside Jesus was created. chuck N

What can Chuck Norris do?

He can teach you martial arts, for one... He'll also teach you how to shave by kicking yourself in the face if a razor doesn't work... only chuck norris can cut chuck norris..

Is Chuck Norris related to a Brandon Norris?

chuck Norris has no relatives, Brandon Norris is a wannabe who changed his name from Brandon meinhardt to seem like a hardass. if chuck Norris finds out he should run otherwis

What did Chuck Norris do?

Six consecutive Middleweight Karate World Championships, due in part to a lightning-fast, powerfully-delivered roundhouse kick. The strength of that kick was measured really h

Is Guy Norris related to Chuck Norris?

No. Guy Norris is a Manxman. He laughs at Chuck Norris. But Chuck Norris is not a subscriber to Flight International and so will never know.

What is Chuck Norris?

-Chuck Norris doesn't sleep..... He waits. -If Superman and Flash had a race.... Chuck Norris would win. -Kids have Superman nightlights, Superman has Chuck Norris nightlights

Who is Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris (born March 10, 1940) is an actor, and martial-arts expert in the United States. He is known for roles in martial arts movies and as "Walker, Texas Ranger", in a