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no , but facebook needs a chuck Norris
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Where is Chuck Norris?

You don't search for Chuck Norris, he searches for you.....

Why Is Chuck Norris?

chuck Norris was created when a meteor hit earth when the dinosaurs were still alive. the impact was so massive the most powerful human being beside Jesus was created. chuck N

What did Chuck Norris do?

Six consecutive Middleweight Karate World Championships, due in part to a lightning-fast, powerfully-delivered roundhouse kick. The strength of that kick was measured really h

What does Chuck Norris do?

Carlos Ray (Chuck) Norris is an American martial artist , actor, film producer andscreenwriter.

What is Chuck Norris?

-Chuck Norris doesn't sleep..... He waits. -If Superman and Flash had a race.... Chuck Norris would win. -Kids have Superman nightlights, Superman has Chuck Norris nightlights

What will Chuck Norris do?

He will hunt you down and kill you slowly or quickly >_> he will come from no were and fart on you, creating an atomic explosion. I dont know if you know this, but everything

What is with Chuck Norris?

He's awesome! That's whats with him! And everything you've heard about him is true!

Who is Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris (born March 10, 1940) is an actor, and martial-arts expert in the United States. He is known for roles in martial arts movies and as "Walker, Texas Ranger", in a

What Chuck Norris did?

Everything twice!

Chuck Norris did what?

Middleweight Karate World Champion SIX YEARS STRAIGHT. Retired UNDEFEATED. And this is just part of what got him into the world's spotlight. On March 10, 2011, he enjoyed his

Will Chuck Norris get you?

chuck Norris can get anyone at anytime and at anyplace. the one person who he has yet to face or get is Frederick Lehman!and last time we checked Fred is still waitting. bring

Who is the Chuck Norris?

Six consecutive year World Karate Champion, action movie star, founder of the Kick Start progam in Texas, founder of his own style of martial arts, and philanthropist.

Who be this Chuck Norris?

Six-time (consecutive years, no less!) World Karate Champion, star of the silver screen AND television, philanthropist, and creator of his own "style" of martial arts.