Does Cody longo have siblings?

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yes Jessie miller and cookie box hipper
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Who is Cody Longo?

Cody Longo is an actor. He has showed up n a couple show andmovies. Right now 2009/ he has been in Bring it On: Fight to theFinish. That is an amazing movie! He is currently

Is Cody longo gay?

Actually he is not gay nor bisexual. As of 2012 supposedly he is dating Cassie Sercbo.However,he dated her for approximately 1.6 years 2009 to 2010.According to the tabloids

Does Cody longo have a girlfriend?

yeah, her name is Megan Unsderfer. She's a small town girl born in Germany and raised in Florida. He loves her they are always seen together.

Is Cody longo Latino?

Honestly I think he is just white because he is from DenverColorado. But he looks very hispanic so he might have ancestorsthat are hispanic. Sorry I couldnt be more helpful.
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Who Cody longo dating?

from all the research that i have done cody longo is officially single so there is a chance for him and brittany underwood
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Do you think Cody longo is hot?

totaly he is so hott i wish he was my husband but hes not well 1 thing i know is he is super hott......i love him he so like my idol