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Coumadin (warfarin) is the active ingredient in rat poison. That being said, Coumadin is dosed, for humans, in a manner which prevents blood clotting (especially for those at risk), and does not act as a poison at the therapeutic dosage level. (However, when rats ingest the high concentrations of warfarin in rat poison, they bleed to death, internally.)
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How can rat poison affect your body?

Normal rat poison is basically an anticoagulant, this means it  prevents the blood from clotting, so death is from internal  hemorrhaging.

Does coumadin have rat poison?

It's the other way around. Coumadin, long-time anticoagulant medication used by humans was applied as a rat toxin. The idea was that, a medication in a dosage harmless to huma

How does Warfarin work as a rat poison?

Warfarin is considered as an anticoagulants acting by effectively blocking the vitamin K cycle, resulting in inability to produce essential blood-clotting factors --- mainly c

Is rat poison poisonous to an iguana?

Rat poison is usually an anticoagulant that is it is a chemical that stops blood from coagulating. So yes it should finish off (kill) an iguana if it eats enough of it.

Are rats poisonous?

  While they are not poisonous (having no venom), wild rats (not pets) can carry a variety of diseases. Actually, those purchased in pet stores make very good pets. I had

Can rat poison kill a pigeon?

it will kill it.

Is there liquid rat poison?

yes. its called. Liquatox. from bell laboratories..... you can have it from. domyownpestcontrol.com

Why does rat poison kill rats?

The poison Will get into their blood and clot it up that causes internal bleeding of the body witch causes the rat to explode.

What does rat poison do to rats?

The poison thins their blood, causing them to bleed through mucus membranes. The rat's blood pressure is lowered. The rat's blood gets to the point that the blood is too thin
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Will groundhog eat rat poison?

Yes they will and it does not hurt them either.

How does rat poison kill rats?

There are different classes of rat poison.  One common type is the warfarin-class of poisons, which work to thin the blood.  After consuming enough of the poison, the rat lo

Does rat poison kill plants?

It all depends on what kind of rat poison you actually use. Some poisons are designed to be plant friendly etc. Also, liquid poisons can seep into soil and destroy root system