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Does Cuba have mountains?

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Yes. The Sierra Maestra is Cuba's largest mountain range, and has a wide array of biological diversity and is located in the Santiago de Cuba region. The range's highest point is the Pico Turquino, standing at 6,580 ft.
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What is the highest mountain in Cuba?

Pico Turquino is the highest mountain in Cuba. Pico Turquino, withan elevation of 6,476-feet, is part of the Sierra Maestra mountainrange.

Does Cuba have a lot of mountains?

They have a few mountains in Cuba. One of the most popular mountain ranges for tourists are the Sierra Del Escambray in which you can do some beautiful treks around the waterf

What are the major mountain ranges in Cuba?

The Escambray Mountains are in the center of Cuba. The SierraMaestra Mountains, El Yunque, Sierra de los Organos mountain range,Sierra del Rosario mountain range, Cordillera d

Is Cuba mountainous?

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