Does Cyprus have tornadoes?

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Oh yeah. They have had an outbreak in 2004 with around seven tornadoes. They have also had EF2 tornadoes in Limassol and many other areas.
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Where is Cyprus?

Cyprus is in the Mediterranean Sea. South east of Greece, South of Turkey. Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots live separately after the Turkish invasion in 1974. Turkish Cypr

What can you do in Cyprus?

Cyprus is famous for its beautiful beaches. why not relax on the beach? there are many historical archaeological sites too. If in the Paphos area, why not to tomb of the kings

What to do for a tornado?

if you are around when a tornado attacks geat under a hevy piece of furnite ei.table and protect your head!!!!!!

What do you do when there is a tornado?

You go in the basement and find something storey to hid under. you should not panic and remember all the things you need to do especially find a place where you can be safe ..

What is in a tornado?

A tornado is made up of violently rotating air. It often contains moisture that has condensed as well as dust and sometimes debris that the tornado has picked up.

What is a Cyprus?

An Island republic in the eastern mediterean. Comprsing mostly of Greek-Cypriots. The Southern part is the Republic of Cyprus and is Greek, the Northern part is occupied illeg

Why is Cyprus called Cyprus?

There are various explanations for that, but, the more possible one is that it took the name out of Kuprum, which meant Copper in the ancient era of Cyprus. And as the island

How can you get to Cyprus?

You can get to Cyprus by flying on the best airlines( Lord Airways) started by Joseph Lord.

What Tornadoes can do to you?

injure you . cause permanent disorders like deafness . leave people homeless or in poverty . they cause death

What can you do about tornadoes?

Take cover...and fast. Not sure about your question. Tornadoes will be tornadoes. As I said before take cover. I've always been taught to get into a closet. Or get into a bath
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How do you get to Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island nation, so cannot be reached overland. It is reached by air from a number of locations around the world, or by ferry from the Greek port of Thessaloniki.

What do have to do when is a tornado?

If your in a house, get to a room with no windows(closet,bathroom,etc.). If your outside,get in a ditch(make sure it has no water in it). You can also get in a storm celler if

When will there be a tornado and where?

The weather is unpredictable, so even tornadoes can't be predicted. A tornado can be generated at this time in any place on earth whereconditions are favorable. The places whe