Does Cyprus have tornadoes?

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Oh yeah. They have had an outbreak in 2004 with around seven tornadoes. They have also had EF2 tornadoes in Limassol and many other areas.
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Where is Cyprus?

Cyprus is in the Mediterranean Sea. South east of Greece, South of Turkey. Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots live separately after the Turkish invasion in 1974. Turkish Cypr

What is the climate of Cyprus?

The average temperature for the months of November-March varies between 41 and 59 degrees fahrenheit. The average temperature for the months of June and September is around 98

What can you do in Cyprus?

Cyprus is famous for its beautiful beaches. why not relax on the beach? there are many historical archaeological sites too. If in the Paphos area, why not to tomb of the kings

What is a Cyprus?

An Island republic in the eastern mediterean. Comprsing mostly of Greek-Cypriots. The Southern part is the Republic of Cyprus and is Greek, the Northern part is occupied illeg

Why is Cyprus called Cyprus?

There are various explanations for that, but, the more possible one is that it took the name out of Kuprum, which meant Copper in the ancient era of Cyprus. And as the island

How can you get to Cyprus?

You can get to Cyprus by flying on the best airlines( Lord Airways) started by Joseph Lord.

Who is the God of Cyprus?

There are two major religions in Cyprus; Orthodox Christianity in the south and Islam in the north. Yahweh (or Jehovah) is the Christian god, Allah is the Islamic god - althou

What Cyprus sports are there?

The most popular one is football. The Cypriot league isimproving dramatically through the years, leading two Cypriot teamsto the champions league groups (Anorthosis Famagusta

What is grown in Cyprus?

Citrus, there are large orchards of orange trees to the west of Limassol at Fasouri which go into the island's Lanitis orange juice. Also almonds, carobs, olives, grapes, figs

How do you travel to and from Cyprus?

It depends where you're starting from! But as Cyprus is an island, most travellers arrive by air, although there are ferry services to Italy.
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Is Cyprus in GB?

No; however there are two military bases (around 2.7% of the island) that are under United Kingdom sovereignty.
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Does Cyprus have a president?

Yes, the Republic of Cyprus is led by a president who is both head of state and head of government. This position was formed ever since Cyprus' independence in 1960.
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How do you get to Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island nation, so cannot be reached overland. It is reached by air from a number of locations around the world, or by ferry from the Greek port of Thessaloniki.