Does Hershey dark chocolate help save people from getting breast cancer?

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you and the others were sharing out a box of candies. clark rook one-third, lance took one-quarter, oliver took one-fifth, and elliot took one-sixth. that left six candies as your share. how many candis were there altogether ?
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Who gets breast cancer?

There are several riskfactors that increase the chance of breast cancer, however it isnot known what the exact causes are. Some of the common causesare: . Age and gender-

Can dark chocolate cure cancer?

Dark chocolate, as well as other forms of cocoa, contains "flavonoids" (aka bioflavonoids), substances that act as anti-oxidants in the human body. Like many other anti-oxidan

Why do people like Hershey chocolate?

People like chocolate in general because it contains theobromine and phenethylamine which can act as a mood enhancer as well as induce a pleasurable response. Hershey's cho

You want to help people with breast cancer?

Call the American Cancer Society and ask to be a volunteer. They will send you a questionaire to fill out, there is some training involved and you can be a volunteer.

How can you avoid getting breast cancer?

I was reading some information about risk factors for breast cancer that you might wanna check in the Komen Foundation website. THey are dedicated to help in the education o
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How do you help people that have breast cancer?

Helping them go thru the stage of denial and acceptance that they have breast cancer.Early detection good prognosis. Lump usually is aspirated by needle biopsy to check if its