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Does Houston have a lot of strip clubs?

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Houston is believed to have the highest number of strip clubs in the country. It, at the least, has the most in Texas and Texas has the highest number in the country. Texas is also the second biggest state though and will have more of many things than other smaller states
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What is a strip club?

A Strip Club is a Bar where you can watch ladies (or men) dance and take off their clothes. Just remember there is a three drink minimum, and don't touch the dancers.   its

How old do you have to be to get in a strip club?

Where you live really has a lot to do with the age requirements for entering a strip club. In the United States, clubs which do not serve alcohol, but yet feature nude enterta

What can you do or not do in strip club?

There are different rules everywhere you go, however there is a universal etiquette for patronizing adult entertainment establishments; Tip. Dancers, Bar/Wait Staff, and even

Should you go to the strip club?

To have fun and a good time to get drunk and make love..LOL if you want to find the nearest Strip Club you can go to this free website http://www.AdultSearch.com

Why are strip clubs so dark?

They are generally nightclub dark, but you can see perfectly fine.  And they're dark so that all the dancers cellulite and spots are  hidden and make the dancers look better
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What extras can you pay for at a strip club?

- Valet parking - Lap Dance - Private Dance - "Champagne Room" - A stick of gum from the strange guy working in the bathroom that insists on doing everything for you short of
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How do you get in a strip club?

Kid, obviously your underage if your asking how to get in a strip club .. just wait till your old enough 18+ (get an id) to enter a strip club.. whats the rush for anyways.. k
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How do guys strip at a strip club?

Ask someone, if not, just do it anyway. Everyone likes tranny porn.  Ask more at: peterfaulker147@gmail.com Im a male stripper, ask me for tips ;)